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Questions & Answers

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Questions answered on July 24
Are face masks required?
Yes. All students and staff are required to wear face mask. Cuyahoga County Board of Health guidance indicates that a cloth face mask is the preferred choice. If circumsances do not allow for a cloth mask, then a face shield is permitted as long as it covers the mouth, nose and chin. If a face shield is needed for your child that covers the mouth, nose and chin, please contact your building principal.
Are there any exemptions for face masks?
If your child is unable to wear a mask, we kindly request your medical documentation is submitted to Jennifer Norman ([email protected]) by August 15th so appropriate accommodations can be made. 
If RRCSD is in the Hybrid (yellow) model and moves to Open (green), are students able to switch to the online remote learning option?
How can I help stop the spread of Coronavirus?
To help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, including COVID-19 and flu, follow these important tips:
  • Follow the guidelines and recommendations from the Ohio Department of Health and Cuyahoga County Board of Health.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Individuals with chronic health issues and/or individuals experiencing severe symptoms should be evaluated by a medical professional. 

Will the school day look different from this past spring if instruction returns to fully online?

Yes, RRCSD has developed an improved Red Model with teachers that includes daily direct interaction between students and teachers, daily office hours for all teachers, and posted weekly meeting schedules and upcoming assignments and assessments. Students will earn grades for their work and participation is expected.

Have teachers been provided professional development opportunities for online learning?

Yes. RRCSD provides significant professional development for all staff members throughout the school year and summer. Teachers and staff will also use August 25-28 as professional development days.

If my child does not return to in-person classes and instead enrolls in the online option, can s/he participate in after school activities/athletics?

Yes, your child can participate in after school activities/athletics.

Will all day Kindergarten be offered?

No. All Day Kindergarten will not be offered for the 2020-2021 school year. All tuition will be refunded to families.

How will students who are not sick but need medical attention in another way be treated by school nurses? (medicine distribution, injury, cut, etc.)

Students who are sick or injured, not related to COVID-19, will be treated by the school nurse with normal procedures.

How can parents/guardians help control the spread of COVID-19? What will RRCSD ask of parents/guardians?

Conduct daily health checks (temperature and COVID-19 symptoms) of children before school.

Do not send children to school with a fever of 100°F or higher, or if children are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.

What happens to students/staff who begin to exhibit illness symptoms during the day?

The Ohio Department of Health states that any student exhibiting symptoms while physically attending school should be placed in a separate room, away from other students, monitored by school personnel maintaining physical distance and wearing PPE until a parent/guardian arrives to pick them up at school. Any staff member exhibiting symptoms while working in the school should also continue to wear a face guard and self-isolate in a separate room, away from other staff and students. Students and staff exhibiting symptoms should go home as soon as possible. (Sources: Ohio Department of Education & Ohio Department of Health)

Parents/guardians should ensure that there are multiple, pre-arranged methods of getting a student home from school if they become ill or exhibit symptoms during the day. All exposed areas will be immediately cleaned and disinfected.

What if a student, family member, or staff tests positive for COVID-19?

Individuals who test positive for or are suspected to have COVID-19 must follow the directives of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. Because directives change, it will be dependent upon the recommendations at that time.

Individuals who are in the presence of someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 must follow all recommendations set forth by the local health department. 

Will COVID-19 testing be required of staff and students?

No. This would only change if ordered by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health or Governor DeWine. If staff or students have a confirmed COVID-19 positive diagnosis - doctor clearance will be needed before returning to school. 

Can RRCSD guarantee social distancing at all times?

No. We will need cooperation from all staff and students.

Will students use lockers?

Access to lockers at RRHS will be permitted at the beginning and end of each day. 

Have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face guards and shields been purchased for staff?

Yes. Both face guards and face shields have been purchased for staff. 

Have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face guards and shields been purchased for students?

Yes. Disposable face guards will be available for students when necessary. Parents/guardians will be asked to provide face guards and/or face shields for their child. RRCSD will provide specialized PPE for students with special needs when needed.

How will RRCSD address visitors and volunteers in each school?

Visitations should be limited to those enrolling new students, or for emergency situations. Temperature checks and symptom checks should be required for all visitors. In cases where schools and districts have partnerships with community organizations, health care providers and local government agencies that provide additional educational and wraparound services to students, staff of such partners should be allowed into buildings following the same precautions as school personnel. (Source: Ohio Department of Education)

Items may be dropped off for students in the building main office if proper protocols, including social distancing and wearing a face guard, are followed. Parents/guardians may be permitted in offices and clinics.

How will RRCSD balance security with the expanded need for many entry points and staff to supervise these while processing entry of students, parents/guardians?

We are not expecting any changes to the security operations and protocols of our buildings.

Will students still have late arrival and early dismissal options at Rocky River High School? 

Yes. The same protocol for morning and afternoon options will be available at RRHS.

Will students have field trips and overnight trips such as Camp Fitch, Stone Lab, Washington, DC, Bridge to the World trips, etc.?

No. At this time, true field trips present too many risks that could compromise the health of participants. Therefore, field trips that involve students being in close proximity to each other, navigating large crowds, increased interactions with strangers and unpredictable circumstances should be avoided. Highly managed outings to settings that allow for safe distancing (such as nature preserves or isolated outdoor locations) can be included as part of the educational experience. Virtual field trips are an option to broaden the student experience without taking undue risk.

(Source: Ohio Department of Education)

Will schools have assemblies?

No. Assemblies will not be an option until further notice.



Questions answered on July 30


What happens when a student or staff member tests positive for Covid? How will you notify parents and students? What will the other students in the classroom do? Who will need to quarantine?

The staff member or a student’s parent/guardian should alert the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) and building principal. The RRCSD can share as much information as possible, but is unable to share any information protected under HIPAA. The district will work with the CCBH to identify the appropriate next steps and will work to determine if other students or staff are considered to have been in close contact as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (within 6 feet for more than 10 minutes) and at high-risk. All quarantining decisions and contact tracing will be done by the CCBH. 

What will the protocol be if a teacher or student shows up to school with a cough or other symptom? Or if a student or teacher begins to show symptoms during the day while at school?

Students will be placed in a separate room, away from other students, monitored by school personnel, maintaining physical distancing and wearing PPE until a parent/guardian arrives to pick them up. Any staff member exhibiting symptoms should self-isolate in a separate room. Any student or staff exhibiting symptoms should go home as soon as possible.

If we choose the in-school option and someone in my child’s direct classroom and/or school gets COVID-19, can my child still participate in sports practices and games?

The district will work with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and follow their guidance.

It is stated that anyone possibly exposed to COVID-19 is to follow recommended procedures. So if a student or teacher tests positive does that mean that the entire class and anyone who rides on the bus with that student or teacher will quarantine at home for 2 weeks?

All quarantine decisions will be made by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. We will continue to follow their guidance and recommendations.


What is the difference between Quarantine and Isolation?

To review Quarantine vs. Isolation, please view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention graphic linked HERE.

Why aren’t temperature checks being done at school?

Parents/guardians are asked to conduct daily health checks (temperature, COVID-19 symptoms) of children before school. Please do not send children to school with a fever or 100°F or higher, or if children are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.

If a student, or possibly a classroom or school of students (Option A), is required to quarantine will they have the option to participate in eLearning during quarantine?

Students in grades K-12 who need to quarantine for two weeks due to COVID-19 exposure will be placed into the appropriate online grade/courses that are running for option B at-home learners. The teacher a student sees during instruction may be different than the teacher the student has in-person, however, the content of the learning will be the same. If an RRHS student who needs to quarantine is taking a course that is not offered, that student will follow the absence protocol that those teachers have used pre-COVID-19. All students who are absent for reasons other than quarantine will follow the absence protocol each teacher has used pre-COVID-19.

When will the school be open?

The first day of school for students is August 31 in the Hybrid (yellow) instructional model.

The school open plan states hybrid option begins August 31st. Does this mean the green option is not yet known if it will be implemented and on what day it may start.

The first day of school is August 31 in the Hybrid (yellow) model and RRCSD will remain in Hybrid for at least the first quarter. 

What is the quantitative criteria for moving between green, yellow, and red?

The RRCSD will continue to monitor and evaluate the COVID-19 Cuyahoga County Risk Levels (1-4) along with other available local data to determine the appropriate instructional model during the 2020-2021 school year. 

Is there an option to send our kids straight green? Do we get to choose to go to school in green?

No. The district will decide if/when there is a switch in instructional models.

What exactly is the “online learning option”? Before we commit to the online option, will you please share the details of how this will work??

For more information about the online learning option, please click here.

If you choose online learning in the yellow model, is it different from mandatory online learning in the red model? In the yellow model online learning, is there direct daily interaction and everything else mentioned in an answer already on the website...Or would it be more like the spring semester with taped videos, etc.?

Yes. Please see the answer above describing the remote online learning Option B. 

Will online only students be taught by a RRCSD teacher? 

Yes. RRCSD teachers will deliver online instruction.

How do I register my child for remote online learning (Option B)? 

The online learning registration form can be accessed here

Even though it is requested to commit for 18 weeks to the online remote learning option, is it possible to only commit to the online model for 9 weeks?

We ask that you please commit to the remote online learning option for the first semester in order to satisfy staffing and enrollment needs.

Will there be cameras in the high school classrooms so that kids learning online will have the same educational opportunities as those attending school, or will the online offering be outsourced?

Yes. Live streaming cameras will face the front of the classroom. Zoom live streaming, recordings of live streams, and Google Classroom will be the primary resources used to deliver instruction. Instruction will be delivered by Rocky River teachers.

Can you opt out of the in-person model at any point (and then stay online the remainder of the quarter/semester)?

Yes. If you do not feel comfortable with the in-person model due to health or safety reasons, you will be able to switch to the remote online learning option, but we ask that you remain committed to remaining online for the remainder of the first semester.

How will non-core subjects such as art and music be handled for online students?

Non-core subjects will be offered to online students when the district is in the hybrid (yellow) instructional model, but may not be offered when/if the district moves to the open (green) model.

Isn’t there a chance that a large portion of the students will elect to utilize the online option for the first semester? If that’s the case, then perhaps the capacity issue would be rectified & the hybrid model wouldn’t need to be used at all.

A registration form for online remote learning was sent out on July 30 and we will be able to see how many families elect to utilize the online option.

Will a student participating in College Credit Plus still be able to do it if they choose remote only learning?

CCP classes will be available through Tri-C via their online classes. RRHS teachers will not be providing instruction for CCP classes for those students who learn remotely.

Will there be honors math classes in the middle school for hybrid yellow and yellow online option B?


Middle school yellow option B, online choice. If honors math is not available, will our child be able to return to honors math courses once he is able to return to in-person classes?

Honors math will be available in Hybrid (yellow) Option B and in-person.

How do you plan to handle Honors classes for high school and Honors/high school level classes for middle school?

Honors classes will be offered at the high school and middle school.

Will there be band this year? If so, can a remote only student still participate?

Yes, there will be band. If a student wishes to participate in Marching Band, they may do so by attending evening practices and events. There will be a remote learning option for vocal and instrumental music, however, the specific offerings have not been determined yet.

Will there be a Robotics club and competition this year?

At this time, the RRCSD is planning to have after school activities, clubs and athletics this year. All participants must adhere to safety guidelines, including social distancing and face masks. Clubs are also encouraged to utilize Zoom meetings and virtual competitions when possible. 

Are there going to be safety modifications for Fall Cross Country to address COVID-19 concerns?

The RRCSD will continue to follow guidance and recommendations from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and the OHSAA.

Will students be required to ride RRCS buses to athletic events and activities? For example to golf tryouts? Can parents transport students?

As of now, we are planning to utilize school transportation for activities and athletics. However, we are discussing making parent travel to and from events an option.

Will students enrolled in the Westshore program at Lakewood HS still be attending those classes?

Yes. Westshore students will follow the schedule at Lakewood HS when it is made available.

My son is attending WS Vocational ½ days. What if the time he is there conflicts with his “scheduled” time at the HS. How will that be resolved?

All Westshore students will be scheduled at RRHS in the AM or PM to ensure there is no conflict with Westshore classes.

How will drop off/pick for car riders be different this year at Goldwood?

Parents/guardians dropping off and picking up students will utilize the Goldwod loops. Students will enter/exit via the east bus loop (flag pole). Students will go directly to the classroom. No cars will be permitted to enter the front parking lot during bus arrival for pick-up and drop off.

How does the school plan to handle students who take off their masks?

School administrators will work with families to determine strategies to help the student comply.

Are there any mask restrictions? (designs)

All face masks and face shields shall meet the requirements of the appropriate student dress code policies and Code of Conduct for students. Masks should cover the nose, mouth and chin.

Is it possible for the AM start time to remain the same at Goldwood regardless of Yellow/green schedule?

No. If the RRCSD transitions to the Open (Green) model, traditional school hours will be followed.

Will it be mandatory the kids use hand sanitizer? 

No, hand sanitizer will not be mandatory. Regular hand washing and/or the use of hand sanitizer throughout the day will be required. Restrooms will have hand washing reminder signage and portable sinks will be available in each building for hand washing. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available in classrooms, hallways, and common areas.

If students are scheduled for the PM session and they are able to get a boxed lunch upon their arrival to school, when will they have time to eat it?

Students will have time to eat their boxed lunch when they arrive at school and will remain socially distanced in the commons while eating.

Will students be provided with school-issued Chromebooks for Specials that will be taught virtually?

The district will assist families with any technology needs.

Are there any additions or deletions to the school supply lists while in the hybrid model?

No. Please follow the school supply lists posted on each school’s website.

Will RRMS students have locker access? If not, may they carry their books/supplies and outerwear in a clear backpack when school is in session? Will students at Middle school use lockers? If they are not, is the program adjusted so the students can carry less materials every day?

No. RRMS students will not have access to lockers. Every effort will be made to limit the amount of materials (large textbooks, etc.) that students need to carry with them on a daily basis. Students are permitted to carry backpacks with them throughout the school day. Lockers are assigned/ready for use should RRMS begin to incorporate their usage. 

Can we change from Afternoon to Morning schedules?

We ask that you please attend the AM/PM session that corresponds to the student’s last name. Students were grouped according to how many individuals had last names beginning with each letter of the alphabet to ensure buildings operate with as close to 50% of the student population as possible.

Has any consideration been placed on planning to be yellow for the first semester (unless required to go to red)?

Discussions are ongoing about the possibility of remaining in Hybrid (yellow) for the first semester.

I’m assuming we are yellow for this question- will there be required times that children need to be on the computer for their virtual specials or will they just be required to complete their work?

Yes. Students will need to be online for specials.

Will the kids be able to get chromebooks to take home?

The district will assist students with technology needs who choose the remote online learning option. Students who are in-building/in-person will pick-up their assigned chromebook each day in their first class and return the chromebook to the cart at the end of the day. 

With the full-day kindergarten no longer being offered, will there be any before/after care option through the YMCA or another organization? Does the district have any suggestions for childcare options for working parents who were planning to have kids in school & use before/after care?

Yes. More information regarding the half day and after school care can be found here

Is it possible to get a "day in life" video or something similar for Goldwood and Kensington? What type of equipment would the teachers be wearing - mask, face shield, gloves, gown, etc? Where would the desks be placed? What will it look like as students arrive in the morning or prepare to leave at the end of class?

Yes. We are working to put together a video that will show a number of district safety protocols throughout the buildings.

Will small group Wilson reading programs be offered in the online only option for children without IEPs who were scheduled to take part in those classes daily?

If your child is not on an IEP, and in Goldwood or Kensington, instruction for Wilson Reading will take place virtually as Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are the only classes that will be provided in school in the hybrid model.

Other districts (Cleveland and Akron) are starting the first 9 weeks (minimum) online only for the health and safety of their staff and students, why has this not been considered for the safety of staff and students of Rocky River?

We are planning for the first day of students to be August 31 in the Hybrid (yellow) instructional model and will continue to review county risk level data, other available local data, and guidance from local health officials when making decisions to transition to a different instructional model. 

Is there an option to have a nanny pick up children each day?

Yes. Please make sure anyone picking up a student who is ill is listed on the emergency medical release form.

What assurances has the Cuyahoga County Board of Health given the schools about the county’s ability to perform contact tracing? What can the district do to expedite notifying contacts or to encourage parents to report positive cases to the school directly?

We continue to work closely with the CCBH on a daily basis. If a student, staff, or family member tests positive for COVID-19, all quarantining decisions and contact tracing will be done by the CCBH. Parents/guardians should alert the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) and building principal as soon as possible if there is a positive test.  



Questions answered on August 7

Will the students at RRHS stay in the same room all day? If not, how are you avoiding crowds in the corridors as students switch rooms? How do you control aerosols (potentially carrying virus) in rooms where various groups of students will stay for 40 minutes at a time each?

When switching rooms, hallways will be socially distanced, monitored by teachers and staff, and all students and staff will be required to wear masks. There will also be signage in hallways reminding students and staff of social distancing measures. Air quality will be improved by sanitizing and disinfecting air in buildings throughout the district. 


How will you monitor access to bathrooms to avoid overcrowding?

Staff will be in hallways and maximum occupancy signs will be posted outside bathrooms.

Can you provide more explanation on the remote learning? Which tools were the teachers provided to be more effective at it?

More information about the Online Learning Option B can be found HERE.  

What are the results of the survey sent on 7/17 and due by 7/27?

51% answered YES to the first question and NO to the second question

19% answered YES to the first and second questions

13% answered NO to the first question and YES to the second question

3.5% answered YES to the second and third questions

12% answered YES to the third question

1.5% answered YES or NO to all three questions and/or had different answers entered from a parent/guardian.

Have you considered using plexiglass dividers in GPS specifically, vs. the young kids wearing masks? 

On August 4, Governor DeWine announced that all students in grades K-12 must wear a face mask while in school buildings.

If Cuyahoga is still in red, will online learning be the only option?

We will continue to review county risk level data, other available local data, and guidance from local health officials when making decisions about instructional models.

How frequently will students be switching between instructional model colors and what would trigger a switch, etc.?

We will continue to review county risk level data, other available local data, and guidance from local health officials when making decisions about instructional models.


If the school goes into the red plan, what is going to be done for special needs kids.

The RRCSD will follow the recommendation of the Board of Health and will deliver services virtually.


Has RRCS had any teacher or staff resignations due to Covid-19 in school plans? Do you anticipate any staffing issues with full time staff or substitutes? Also, if a teacher is out due to Covid-19 what is the plan for covering those weeks? Are long term subs already arranged?

No. If a teacher is out due to illness, classes will be covered by a RRCSD teacher, or a long term sub which have been pre-arranged.

How does the statement released 7/28 by the OEA impact plans for Rocky River Schools to open in the yellow as planned at this time? Is any discretion being given to the fact that an increase in positive tests in a high population county, that we happen to be geographically on the edge of, are not reflective of our immediate communities numbers?

The RRCSD has been in consistent contact with teachers and staff regarding the reopening of schools and many of them have been serving on various committees. Building principals have also been conducting meetings with teachers and staff. The RRCSD will continue to review county risk level data, other available local data, and guidance from local health officials when making decisions about instructional models.

SEL - what is the name of the curriculum that RR uses to address the social and emotional needs of the students? What are they doing about the SEL needs this school year, both online and in person? How are you also supporting the teachers through the trauma of the pandemic?

The district does not use any one specific SEL curriculum.  RRCSD counselors will be available for all students in every building for meetings this year, and will continue to partner with classroom teachers for in-class presentations as we have always done. The RRCSD has also increased the presence of McKeon Education Group (MEG) mental health counselors at each building this year and had MEG counselors available for students throughout the summer months. We have been in contact with teachers and staff throughout the process. Teachers are serving on reopening committees and building principals have been meeting with teachers to address questions. In addition, MEG counseling has been available throughout the summer for RRCSD staff.

For the online option for K-5, what will the day look like? Will they be on zoom for 2 1/2 hours like in school with live instruction? Will there be live instruction every day or just a live touch point? Pre-recorded videos like spring?

Students K-5 choosing to learn from home with option B will receive instruction in the same quantities as students learning in-person. There will be live instruction. All instruction will take place during school hours with Zoom and Google Classroom serving as the primary resources used to deliver this instruction.

My child (fifth grader) is in the gifted program at KIS. If we choose to do the remote learning option (Option B), will appropriate enrichment instruction be offered through this platform?

There will be opportunities for enrichment and support for option B students K-5.

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