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Welcome to the RRHS Class of 2021 Senior Parents page

As the Parents of the Student Council Officers and the Senior Class Officers, it is our responsibility to plan and execute the After Prom and After Grad activities - and we need your help to make their senior year something special, especially during these extraordinary times!   As you may or may not know, both of these activities help keep our children safe after both prom and graduation, while giving them something fun and memorable to do with their classmates.  
Here is the link to view the 9/30 Senior Parent Meeting to find out more about After Prom and After Grad:                      meeting link     passcode - KsJ2l&1r

PLEASE Keep everything as a SURPRISE for our kids!

Reach out to the Senior Parents you know to make sure they’re receiving updates. Things are moving quickly and we want everyone included!


Purchase all items here:  
pay online (click “shop all” to see all items)

After Prom - Saturday, May 1, 2021:                    Senior/Guest per person    $55.00

After Prom is the Senior Parents way of providing a fun, safe place to continue the celebration.  A night of entertainment, games, food, and prizes.  Guests are welcome and seniors are encouraged to attend whether or not they attend the school-sponsored Prom.

After Grad Show - Friday, June 11, 2021:                    Senior per person    $40.00

After Commencement, the Senior Parents put together a variety show for seniors only.  This show pokes fun at their experiences at Rocky River since kindergarten, while highlighting our love for them and our pride in their accomplishments.  Food is provided.

After Grad Parent T-Shirt/ticket:                         Cost per shirt    $25.00

Every parent is encouraged to participate in the After Grad Show.  Each parent who participates must purchase and wear the After Grad t-shirt.  It is the official dress for the evening and your ticket for the show.

After Grad Signs:                                       Cost per sign    $10.00

Parents participating in the After Grad Show are encouraged to make a sign honoring their senior which they will hold while marching through the opening ceremony.

After Prom Wish List


If you can provide any of the following items or services, please reach out to:

Beth Hickey - 216-509-1571 - [email protected]

Wendy Kelley - 440-487-9255 - [email protected]

Services Needed Now:

Construction/Carpenter- Need a few people who have basic skills and tools to build framing for structures and projects.         

Covered Truck/Moving Van- Need a volunteer with an enclosed truck to help move a significant amount of styrofoam from a donating company to Beach School.

Painted Chair Auction/Sale Team Leader- Need a committee chair to organize the sales of our painted chairs to members of the community. 

People Who Can Sew-  We have a few sewing projects to assign and need volunteers.

Items Needed Now 

(Please let us know if you have any items around your home to donate):

  1. Paint (color palette at the top)

  2. White Paint and Primers

  3. Matte White Spray Paint

  4. Pool Noodles

  5. Wooden Chairs

Items Needed In the Future- Please hold on to any extras you may have of the following items:

Wood             5 gallon bucket        cement        fishing line

Ceiling hooks    Unistrut Clamps        wire            PCV Piping

Cricut                styrofoam walls        Bottled water        

Chicken wire        astroturf            fabric - red, white

Cardboard        paint/supplies        candy    

paint sprayer        glue guns            styrofoam        spotlights

Command strips    Brown craft paper    

large cardboard boxes            3M Masking and Blue Tape Frog Tape        

sign frames and scroll hinges        Christmas trees, wreaths and lights   

Group Photos


Please send candid photos of your child through the years with other Rocky River students in the class of 2021.  The photos can be from any grade and are especially helpful if they have 3 or more SENIORS and depict any school, athletic, or recreation activities, and birthday parties, summer days, or general fun are great too!  

Be sure to include photos from Creativity Days, Thanksgiving/Heritage Days, Snowflake Palace, Classroom Halloween Parties, etc.  It’s nice to see ‘room’ pictures in lower grades, especially if there is a teacher in the mix!

Scan or take a cell phone picture of your older photos.

Email your photos to Jenn Krebs at [email protected]

  • Photos must be in jpg format - NO pdf please!

  • Subject line should say… Goldwood photo, Kensington photo, MS photo, or HS photo.

    • Send a separate email for the pictures from each school.

  • Group shots win!  The more SENIORS in the photo the better.  No singles or family pictures, please.

Baseball Caps

Text Janine at 973 809 5428 to purchase a gray or maroon cap and show your Pirate Pride!

RRHS Spirit Rock

Your miniature rock kit comes with a look alike rock, paint, brushes and a grass mat. Make it a tradition at home. Paint the rock!  Order one here:  School Spirit Rock

After Grad Skits

CLICK HERE to see the Master Skit List.
While we attempted to input all of the information correctly, we know that mistakes can happen.  Please email us a [email protected] if you see any mistakes.

If you are on the Master Skit List, you do NOT need to do anything right now.  Your skit captain(s) will reach out to you when they are ready to get started. 
If you have not signed up and still want to be in a skit, please reach out to the skit captain for that skit.  CLICK HERE to see the List of Skit Captains.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the skit captains!!!

Contact Us!


Student Council Officers

Leila Giacomarro 
Janine Orlando & Ryan Giacomarro
Eve Larson 
Chris Larson 
Sabrina Rick 
Jen & Steve Rick
Grace Snyder Michelle & Dave Snyder

Senior Class Officers

Jackie Rosenbaum
Lori & Kevin Rosenbaum
Molly Sheridan 
Jen & Mike Sheridan
Sarah Farling 
Paige & Hal Farling
Julia Gutia 
Jill & Mike Gutia

Important Dates

Important Dates

May 1, 2021: Prom

June 11, 2021: Graduation

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