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Office of the Superintendent
Rocky River Board of Education
1101 Morewood Parkway
Rocky River, OH 44116

November 1, 2018

Superintendent’s Message

Rocky River Board of Education members have many decisions to consider regarding the school district. These decisions are important as they may impact student learning, staffing, collective bargaining, facilities, and operations.

Residents of the Rocky River City School District are encouraged to learn more about the Rocky River City School District by attending Board of Education meetings. The Board of Education convenes monthly on the second Wednesday at 5pm for a Committee of the Whole session and the third Thursday at 6pm for a Business meeting. Finance Committee meetings are scheduled for 5pm, prior to the Business meeting. Board of Education meetings and Board Committee meetings take place in the Fireside Room at Beach School. 

Community members are encouraged to attend and participate in all Board of Education meetings.

Best wishes for continued educational success!


Michael G. Shoaf