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March 1, 2019 

Superintendent’s Message

The State achievement testing program of our students is required by Ohio law and Rocky River City School District (RRCSD) Board Policy 2623 – Student Assessment and Academic Intervention Services. Policy 2623 in part states, The Board of Education shall assess student achievement and needs in all program areas in compliance with State law and the rules adopted by the State Board of Education. The purpose of such assessments will be to determine the progress of students and to assist them in attaining student performance objectives and the educational achievement goals of this District.” 

Our Rocky River City School District staff members professionally plan throughout the school year to provide meaningful instruction for students in all grades. Daily lessons are designed to build on past instruction and knowledge, authentic experiences, and student interests while fostering the important skills necessary for students to become self-motivated learners.  Our district curricula reflect local standards as decided by the RRCSD Board of Education and include State standards as prescribe by the Ohio Department of Education.  Further, we believe our instruction prepares students for college/career readiness, fosters student interests, and addresses all educational disciplines.

Additionally, State tests results are annually reported on the district report card by the Ohio Department of Education.  As professional educators we take full responsibility for our students’ achievements as measured by State test scores. We are committed to preparing our students for State and national norm referenced assessments, evaluating summative data, and making necessary changes to our instruction and student preparation for increased achievement. We look at students both individually and collectively to determine how we can appropriately prepare and offer instruction that leads to the highest level of academic achievement.   

As State assessments continue, we encourage all students to participate. Full student participation is needed for an annual achievement measures to drive our instruction, and, for our Ohio Department of Education district report card to accurately reflect student achievement in Rocky River.

Best wishes for continued educational success!


Michael G. Shoaf