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The West Shore Career-Technical Education District offers the programs to students of the Bay Village, Lakewood, Rocky River and Westlake school districts. These offerings include a continuum of career-focused programs providing students with multiple routes to full-time or part-time employment, college, technical school, or military.

Students and parents interested in learning more about programs offered should make an appointment with your RRHS guidance counselor no later than January of sophomore year.
Within the program clusters, career pathways help students prepare for a wide range of educational opportunities. Career-focused instruction gives students opportunities to explore careers through work-based learning. Career pathways also enable students to choose courses and experiences that will help them prepare for postsecondary or higher education.

Career pathways prepare students with a broad range of academic, employability, and technical skills. Rapidly changing job markets and new technologies require individuals to have broad-based skills that transfer to a wide variety of work settings, as well as high levels of thinking and interpersonal skills.

Career pathways include instruction that supports meaningful learning. Developments in the field of cognitive science suggest learning is most effective when it takes place in a real-life context. Career pathways instruction provides important workplace context that deepens student understanding of both the academic and technical content being taught. This type of contextual instruction enriches the learning process.

Students must complete both the RRHS WSCT Field Trip Form (available here as a download or hard copy in Counseling or Main Office; must be returned to the Counseling Office by 1/29 ) and the WSCT Field Trip form in order to attend.
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