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Career Shadowing

Mrs. Heather Wilson
Office Hours:  9am to 1:30 pm M/T/W/TH                                                       

The Career Shadowing program at Rocky River High is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who would like to gain first-hand knowledge of a job or career field.  Students are exposed to real life work situations and have an opportunity to learn what a typical day is like. They may spend a few hours or a full day at the shadowing site, asking questions, performing tasks, etc.  This program can be of great benefit to students as they begin to think about their future studies and career opportunities.

To initiate a Career Shadowing experience, students and parents are required to complete a Career Shadowing Application. The application can be accessed by clicking the link to the right.  Hard copies are available in the Guidance Office and the Career Shadowing Office.

Distance Learning
In addition to Career Shadow experiences, students have the ability to participate in WVIZ ideastream distance learning programs held at RRHS via PolyCom (teleconferencing equipment). These programs allow students to interact with professionals from various industries without leaving the school.  Information about upcoming programs and sign up sheets are located in the Commons outside the Career Shadowing Office.  A list of upcoming programs is also available online in the Counselor's Corner online newsletter.