College Credit Plus


College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus

In order to enroll in CCP courses, a student must:
  1. apply to the college in accordance with the college's established procedures for admission; and
  2. meet the established standards for admission and for course placement of the college/university. 
On-site at RRHS, we are proud to partner with Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College  to offer eligible students transcripted credit opportunities with Transfer Assurance Guides (TAG) courses.  TAG courses are identified foundational/pre-major courses in over 30 majors that are guaranteed to transfer and apply toward that major at any of Ohio's public institutions of higher education.  Courses may transfer to private Ohio institutions and out-of-state institutions of higher education.  Check with the receiving institution regarding their transfer credit policy.
We offer the following Tri-C and LCCC courses at Rocky River High School.  They are each worth 1.0 RRHS credit*. (semester hours = SH)
  1. ENG 1010 - College Composition 1 (3 SH)
  2. ENG 1020 - College Composition 2 (3 SH)
  3. BIO 1040 - The Cell and DNA (3 SH)
  4. BIO 104L - The Cell and DNA Lab (1 SH, 0.33 RRHS credits*)
  5. BIO 1060 - Environment, Ecology and Evolution (3 SH)
  6. Math 1410 - Elementary Probability and Statistics 1 (3 SH)
  7. Math 1580 - Precalculus (5 SH)
  8. Math 1610 - Calculus 1 (5 SH)
  9. Math 1620 - Calculus 2 (5 SH)
  10. Math 2310 - Calculus 3 (4 SH)
  11. Math 2520 - Differential Equations (3 SH)
  12. CISS 121 - Microcomputer Applications (3 SH, LCCC)
  13. CISS 125 - Operating Systems Interfaces (3 SH, LCCC)

15 Hour Pathway to a Tri-C Associates of Arts Degree:

  • ENG 1010, 3 SH
  • ENG 1020, 3 SH
  • Math 1530, 4 SH
  • Math 1580, 5 SH

30-Hour Pathway to a Tri-C Associates of Arts Degree:

  • ENG 1010, 3 SH
  • ENG 1020, 3 SH
  • MATH 1530, 4 SH
  • MATH 1580, 5 SH
  • BIO 1040 / 104L, 4 SH
  • BIO 1060, 3 SH
  • MATH 1610, 5 SH
  • MATH 1620, 5 SH 
RRHS students are not limited to taking only the Tri-C CCP courses offered on-site. Students may also participate in CCP on-line, or at any other participating institution of higher education.  Likewise, students may be concurrently enrolled in, and taking courses from, multiple post-secondary institutions.
For eligible students electing to participate in CCP off-campus, transportation is not provided by the school district, nor are reimbursement costs for transportation, such as mileage.  Transportation and associated costs are the sole responsibility of the student and his or her parents/guardian.
CCP courses taken from public institutions of higher education are offered to eligible students cost-free.  However, earning a grade of an "F" in a CCP course, or failure to complete the course, other than for reasons generally accepted by the school district, will result in all financial obligations of the course defaulting to the students and his or her parents/guardian.
A student who enrolls in CCP courses at a nonpublic institution of higher education, and who is not economically disadvantaged, may have to pay course fees and associated costs.
Final grades earned in all CCP courses will post to the high school transcript and will be included in the calculation of grade point average.  Grades for CCP courses not listed in the chart directly above may be weighted only if RRHS offers an equivalent AP course.

The subject matter of a course enrolled in under the CCP program may include mature subject matter or materials, including those of a graphic, explicit, violent, or sexual nature, that will not be modified based upon CCP enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs.
In order to participate in this academic opportunity, parents and students must attend a mandatory information meeting regarding enrolling in CCP.  Similarly, a student must participate in a counseling session prior to his or her participation in CCP.
A student or his or her parents/guardian must inform the RRHS counseling office by April 1st of the student's intent to participate in this program during the following school year.  This deadline is state mandated.
Please see Mrs. McMahon, the CCP designated contact, for more information about the program.
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