College Planning


College Planning

College Planning
College selection is probably one of the most important decisions a student makes in their young lifetime. The process requires proper planning, organization and teamwork - the student, parents, and guidance department working together. After researching options and consulting with college representatives and the assigned high school counselor, the final decision rests with the student and parent or guardian.

Students and parents are invited and encouraged to consult with their assigned high school counselor while exploring options and making decisions. Thoughtful planning efforts expended in the consideration of post-secondary education will hopefully be productive and rewarding. 

The NAVIANCE system is a career and college research tool that is available to all Rocky River High School students and parents.  Students and their families have access to thousands of colleges using innovative search tools.  Scattergrams and statistics offer insight into the application process, and scholarship information is also available.  Users may search colleges by majors and locations and track applications that are turned into our office.  

Your assigned Student Username is (your two digit graduation year) + (your last name).(first name). Ex: 12doe.john. 

Your assigned Student Password is your 6 digit School ID number. ex. 123456 or 012345 or 001234.

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