Lunch Menu


Lunch Menu

Lunch Menus

Carol Eubanks
Mgr. of Food Services
440/ 356-6846

Intent and Purpose
To prepare and serve a quality, healthy, and economical offering to the satisfaction of student and staff within the bounds of USDA recommendations. 

Hot lunches are available at Rocky River Middle School and Rocky River High School.

Pre-Payment Plan

Each student has an account available.  Finger imaging wll access the account.  Unlimited funds may be deposited to the account electronically or by cash payment.  A debit against the  deposit will occur for each purchase made.

Cash for purchases will be accepted.  Credit will not be offered.
The choice to pre-pay by electronic transfer of funds from a bank checking account
or by credit card is available by establishing an account at

There is a slight service charge for this service.
Rocky River Schools

Student Prices
Student meal $2.50
Each student meal includes
choice of white or chocolate milk. 

Adult Price
beverage not included

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