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RRMS Activities

RRMS Clubs & Activities 2023-24

Rocky River Middle School is proud to sponsor a variety of student clubs and activities for their students. Participation in these programs has a variety of requirements and responsibilities. Students that try out and/or select to participate in an activity should do so with the intent of attending all practices, meetings, performances, and events. Please examine your calendar and other commitments so that you will not become over extended. Time should also be considered for the completion of academic responsibilities as well.


The student clubs and activities available to students are as follows:

Art Club- Art club is a drop in open studio club to allow students to self-select and explore various art mediums. The club is open to students in all grade levels. Art club meets on Fridays beginning in November and ending the last Friday in February. 

Advisor- Ms. Kathleen Harkin-Newsome

Be the Change-Interact -This anti bullying group promotes a positive and encouraging environment. Everyone is welcome in this group led by students and encourages leadership development. Mix-it-up-Day at Lunch, the "New Student" party, and promoting positivity are some of the club’s activities. The group meets once a month. Listen to Channel 10 for meeting times and dates.

Advisor-Ms. Kim Pavlik

Book Club- Students will vote on and read one book per month in varied genres. We will come together as a group to have meaningful discussions and ask questions about the book. The purpose of this club is to create a sense of community amongst readers at RRMS and allow students to practice critical thinking skills, voice their opinions, and share ideas. 
Advisor- Ms. Cara Ungar

Builders Club- Builders Club is the middle school version of the high school Key Club and the adult Kiwanis Club organization. Students from all grade levels are eligible to join and become involved in a variety of service projects. Meetings are held one time per month. Interested students should listen for meeting announcements on Channel 10 in the fall.

Advisor-Ms. Julie Bailey

Channel 10 - The Channel 10 crew is responsible for our television morning announcement broadcasts. The crew is made up of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Auditions for news anchors and tech crew are held each spring. These positions rotate throughout the year to allow for more student participation. 

Advisor- Mr. Don MacDonald

Chess Club -The chess club meets to improve strategies, skills, and techniques vital to the game of chess. It is a great way to learn more about the game of chess. 

Advisor- Mr. Brian Chulik

Destination Imagination - (DI) is the largest worldwide creative problem-solving program for young people in kindergarten through college. This program offers students at every level a unique opportunity to participate in challenging and motivating activities while developing lifelong skills such as teamwork and commitment. DI encourages children to build on their strengths and to discover skills they never knew they possessed, be they technical, theatrical, analytical, linguistic, or musical. The emphasis is on the “process,” the learning that takes place as the teams prepare their challenge solutions.   

Advisor – Mrs. Meredith Muccio

Garden Club- The RRMS Garden Club is responsible for planting, managing, and maintaining our school garden! Harvesting the garden will take place throughout the fall months, and the club will "shut down" the garden for winter towards the end of November. Produce gathered from our school garden will be donated to our school cafeteria and local community members during open houses and school conferences. Brainstorming ideas for future use is an important part of this club! What else can we do with produce? Are there other places in need of fresh produce? What plants grow best? How can we use the produce to make other food products? How do we raise money to replace produce for the spring? The RRMS Garden Club will meet once a week starting August 30th after school from 3:30-4:00pm until the beginning of November. Garden Club will restart again in April.
Advisor- Mrs. Debbie Wodzisz

History Club- Do you love history? Think you're an amateur historian? A fan of great stories? You might have found your club! The History Club will have bi-weekly officer's meetings in the mornings, every other Thursday beginning at 7:45am; and monthly TedTalk-style presentations in a large group format, once each month of the school year, beginning in September and going through May, from 3:20pm-4:00pm. Topics are announced a month early, so you'll know which presentations you won't want to miss!
Advisor- Mr. Ben Purdy

Lego Olympiad - The Rocky River Middle School Lego Club's goal is to spark student interest in math, science, engineering, and architecture. Bi-weekly meetings entice students to think outside the box and allow them to collaborate with fellow Lego enthusiasts. By participating in Lego Club, students gain a number of skills including modeling, teamwork, presentation and creativity. 
Advisor- Mrs. Anji Marniella and Mrs. Christi White

Maker’s Club - The Maker’s Club offers students an opportunity to explore different types of technology through a hands-on experience. Students can make different kit based projects including robotics and electronics. Students will also have an opportunity to design and create with 3D printers and wood carving CNC router.  

Advisor- Mr. Matt Mullen

Math Club - The RRMS Math Club will encourage students to learn math outside of the classroom and challenge them to become independent learners using advanced problem solving skills.  Students will be able to accomplish this by participating in math competitions as well as playing math/logic games. During the end of the first semester and the beginning of the second semester, students will prepare for a MathCounts chapter competition where we will meet 1-2 times per week practicing problems in order to prepare. The Competition typically occurs in February at Cleveland State University. There will also be a state competition following the chapter competition in March if students qualify. These two opportunities will encourage students to have a greater appreciation for mathematics and not only expand their mathematical knowledge but also apply their knowledge to real-life situations.                     Advisor- Mr. Don MacDonald 

Power of the Pen- Power of the Pen is the leading competitive interscholastic program in written expression for 7th and 8th graders. Power of the Pen is dedicated to helping young people find and develop a creative voice that is uniquely their own. Team members compete by writing short pieces inspired by writing prompts. Power of the Pen will run from September to early spring to prepare for Districts, Regionals and State competitions. Visit https://powerofthepen.org to learn more about this unique-to-Ohio competitive, fun activity! Please listen for announcements for more information or reach out to the advisor Mrs. Preto @ [email protected].        Advisor-Mrs. Katie Preto

Science Olympiad - The Rocky River Science Olympiad team spends September through January preparing to compete in regional science competitions in an attempt to advance to State and National Competition. Previous events have included Anatomy, Disease Detectives, Dynamic Planet, Experimental Design, Forestry, Flight, Meteorology, Road Scholar, Rocks and Minerals and Write It, Do It. All events are tied to some aspect of science; physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and a host of other subjects. Members will meet weekly after school. Meetings will be held from October until March in preparation for regional competitions. Team members are expected to attend all work sessions and competitions. Interested students should ask their science teachers about participation at the beginning of the school year.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Advisor- Mrs. Amanda O'Connor

Spirit Club- The main goal of the Spirit Club is to get students more involved in their school and feel a sense of community. The club is open to any student grades 6-8 who wants to join. We meet every other Tuesday in the morning so that we don't interfere with sports or other after school clubs/activities. We will be promoting sporting events, choir and band events, and any other school activities that arise. At our meetings, we create posters, announcements, locker decorations, and brainstorm ways to get students involved in the school. We also will encourage more students to participate in spirit weeks, and reward them for participating in the spirit days with tickets during their lunch mod. The tickets go into a raffle in which prizes (sponsored by Spirit club) are given.

Advisor- Ms. Cara Ungar

Spring Musical- The Spring Musical is the perfect activity for students interested in all aspects of the theater. Whether you enjoy acting, singing, dancing or want to partake in the many stage crew opportunities, you are sure to enjoy being a part of the RRMS Spring Musical. Auditions take place in January, and practices occur 2-3 days a week, beginning in February. 
Advisors- Mrs. Amanda O'Connor and Mrs. Elaina Schlichting

Student Council - The election for the Board is held in late May among interested members of the seventh grade class. The newly elected Board will serve during their eighth grade year. Members of the Student Council meet before school. The advisor will distribute a schedule at the beginning of the school year. The Student Council is a hard working organization requiring time commitments of all members. Responsibilities include attending meetings, meeting with the Principal, arranging for clean-up after Council sponsored dances, movies and other events, service project work, and fund-raising for charities. All Student Council members are expected to live up to their service obligations.

Advisor- Mrs. Halle Zamblauskas

Team Unify - Rocky River Middle School is dedicated to promoting social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences; Unified Sports joins students with and without disabilities on the same team. It is inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding. Team Unify is made up of Rocky River students of similar age and ability, which makes practices more fun and games more challenging and exciting for all. Having a sport in common is just one more way that preconceptions and false ideas are swept away. Rocky River hopes to bring experiences to students that they will never forget in hope to make a difference. 

Advisor- Mrs. Shannon Hanigosky

Talent Show - A student talent show is held in late October as a showcase for a variety of skills and abilities. Students demonstrate their skills and talents in art, singing, dancing, martial arts, stand-up comedy, instrumental music, comedic skits, and other forms of skill and entertainment. Lip-syncing acts are not included in the show. All acts are reviewed and approved by the advisor and most are included in the show. Interested students should sign up for an audition time in early October. Students interested in working on the tech crew or stage crew should watch for the sign up list after auditions. Listen to the Channel 10 announcements for details.  

Advisors- Mrs. Amanda O'Connor and Mrs. Elaina Schlichting 

West Shore Young Leaders - The West Shore Young Leaders Network (WYLN) offers students in grades 6-12 leadership skills development, social activities, and strategies aimed at preventing alcohol and drug abuse among teens. Students gain these valuable skills at monthly network meetings with peers from other West Shore schools. Through student-planned programs and social activities, West Shore students work together to learn team building and leadership, get support for making healthy choices and have fun connecting with other teens in a positive environment. WYLN helps develop youth into community leaders with essential life skills for success.
Advisor- Mr. Jamie Mahnic

Yearbook Staff - The Yearbook Committee is open to students in grades 6-8.  Students in this club work to help plan, organize, and arrange the yearbook. Members may also be called upon to take photos or complete clerical tasks related to orders and distribution of the yearbook. The meetings are typically held before school.

Advisor- Mrs. Kali Sullivan


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