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Fitness Education 2018-19

Welcome to the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Fitness Education Requirements:
Rocky River Fitness Tee Shirt:   $8.00
Rocky River Fitness Shorts:   $8.00
Total uniform $16.00 payable to Rocky River Middle School and can be turned in to the main office.
Non-marking sole athletic shoes 
**Lost Locks: $6.00** 

Students are required and expected to dress everyday in their fitness education uniform with appropriate shoes. On Fridays the uniform should be taken home to be laundered.  Please remind your children that wearing appropriate clothing for physical activity is necessary. (As with any class, students' grades will be adversely effected if they do not bring the proper materials with them to class.)  If your child has outgrown or misplaced his/her uniform, new uniforms may be purchased from the main office. 

Students will continue to rotate to different fitness teachers every three weeks.  Units will cover multiple sports skills and games including:  badminton, volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, folk dance, aerobics/training, football, softball, tennis, track and field, floor hockey, speedball, ultimate frisbee and soccer.  All classes will begin pretesting for Fitnessgram in September.  Scores from students 8th grade assessments will be utilized for eligibility on the 2018 8th Grade Fitness Expedition.