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The Knock Out Board (KOB), recognizes the highest achieving Champions within a sport among all the sports at Rocky River High School.
To make the KOB, any team within their specific sport that attains the highest championship level achieved among past RRHS teams in the same sport advances to the top spot. If there is a tie for the highest championship level attained, then the most recent achieving team gains the top spot.
Must achieve a Conference Championship or a District Championship at a minimum.
All the top achieving RRHS sports' teams are compared to each other and the highest championship level achieved and most recently achieving teams are ranked in position.
There are only 22 spots on the wall. The basic rule for the order is the sport team with the greatest accomplishment, achieved most recently, goes to the top of the board.
The 2013 Girls Soccer team winning the OHSAA Division II State Championship, places them in position #1. The 1927 Boys Track team was the OHSAA Class B State Champions and they are in position #2.

This is the hierarchy of achievements that is followed:

  1. State Champion
  2. State Runner-Up/State Finalist
  3. State Semi-Finalist/Final Four
  4. Regional Champion
  5. Regional Runner-Up/Finalist
  6. Regional Semi-Finalist
  7. District Champion
  8. Conference/Division Champion
  9. District Runner-Up/Finalist
  10. Conference/Division Runner-Up

After the hierarchy is established within a sport team, then they are sorted by most recent accomplishment being higher when accomplishment ties occur. The next sort is by sport name, ascending alphabetically.

A note about the YEAR: The year noted is when that sports season ends. For example, for school year 2014-2015, the fall season sports will be signified with 2014 and the winter and spring sports will be 2015.

Unless noted otherwise, the sanctioning organization for State Playoffs is assumed to be OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association). Currently, only Lacrosse is under different organizations, OHSLA  (Ohio High School Lacrosse Association) & OSLA (Ohio Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association).