Parent Connection


Parent Connection


Try Take Five Breathing

Image of a hand with instructions to breathe in and out while tracing fingers

Have your child trace around the outside of their hand and fingers. Your child can use markers or crayons or paint to color the inside of the hand. Then, let your child know that the hand can be used to help us practice calming deep breathing. 
  1. Stretch your hand out like a star.
  2. Get the pointer finger of your hand ready to trace your fingers up and down.
  3. Slide up each finger slowly (inhale). Then, slide down the other side (exhale).
  4. Practice slowly breathing in through your nose and slowly breathing out through your mouth. 
  5. To put it all together, slowly inhale as you trace up your thumb and slowly exhale as you trace down your thumb. 
  6. Keep going until you have traced up and down your thumb and all fingers of your hand.  
  7. Notice how you feel


Child in bed sleeping with a teddy bear and alarm clock
Good bedtime routines can really help create calm and healthy expectations for sleep.  Adequate sleep is linked to attention and learning as well as mental, physical and emotional health. Families can discuss routines and try new ideas to foster relaxation as bedtime approaches. However, when children are aware of and practice the same bedtime routine each night, their bodies and minds are best prepared for sleep.

Kensington students need about 9 to 12 hours of sleep. This may seem like a lot, but their bodies and minds are growing. Sleep helps children reboot and start fresh each day!
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