Parent Connection


Parent Connection


Try Take Five Breathing

Image of a hand with instructions to breathe in and out while tracing fingers

Have your child trace around the outside of their hand and fingers. Your child can use markers or crayons or paint to color the inside of the hand. Then, let your child know that the hand can be used to help us practice calming deep breathing. 
  1. Stretch your hand out like a star.
  2. Get the pointer finger of your hand ready to trace your fingers up and down.
  3. Slide up each finger slowly (inhale). Then, slide down the other side (exhale).
  4. Practice slowly breathing in through your nose and slowly breathing out through your mouth. 
  5. To put it all together, slowly inhale as you trace up your thumb and slowly exhale as you trace down your thumb. 
  6. Keep going until you have traced up and down your thumb and all fingers of your hand.  
  7. Notice how you feel

Routines that Work

When creating a family routine, consider that following:
  1. Be specific and consistent so kids know what to expect.
  2. Make sure the tasks are "do-able" and fit with your child's developmental age.
  3. Talk about the the rules and tasks with your child.
  4. Write everything down.
  5. Post the routine where kids and family can see it.
  6. Praise effort and be flexible.
  7. Allow enough time to complete the tasks.
  8. Build fun and free time in your routine:)


Child in bed sleeping with a teddy bear and alarm clock
Good bedtime routines can really help create calm and healthy expectations for sleep.  Adequate sleep is linked to attention and learning as well as mental, physical and emotional health. Families can discuss routines and try new ideas to foster relaxation as bedtime approaches. However, when children are aware of and practice the same bedtime routine each night, their bodies and minds are best prepared for sleep.

Kensington students need about 9 to 12 hours of sleep. This may seem like a lot, but their bodies and minds are growing. Sleep helps children reboot and start fresh each day!


GOLD SLIP with check boxes for responsible, respectful, caring & safe behavior
Kensington students are rewarded with GOLD SLIPS for a chance to earn a prize for RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, CARING & SAFE behavior! Students can choose a prize from our PIRATE CHEST full of TREASURE (generously donated by PTA). ARRRGH!!

Mindful Mondays

Image of a frog



Students can relax and get ready for the day.  Join us for Mindful Mondays in the gym! At home, try breathing in through your nose slowly and see if the air going in feels colder than the air coming back out as you breathe out slowly.  Inhale and exhale slowly three times. Notice your feelings and  the beat of your heart. Do you feel different after practicing deep breathing?







Grade Book Access for Fifth Grade Students

image of student looking at a computer
Fifth grade students are able to access Grade Book to see grades. Students are  encouraged by their teachers to check assignments, grades and assessments to promote additional independence. 
We are encouraging students to manage usernames and passwords as private information.  
Please feel free to call Mrs. Liberatore at 440-356-6770 if you have questions or concerns about student access to Grade Book.  

Let's GROW Together!

Image of tree growing from a seedling
KIS Students will have opportunities to develop social emotional learning! We will explore self awareness, self management, responsible decision making, relationship skills and social awareness through lessons and programming. We will promote respect, responsibility, care for self and others as well as safety at Kensington via PBIS!
Please mark your calendars for school events and activities:
  • Start with Hello Week (September 20-24)
  • Red Ribbon Week (October 25-29)
  • The Great Kindness Challenge (January 25-29) 
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