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What is a Speech or Language disability?

A speech or language disability is a communication disorder, such as stuttering, articulation/phonological delay, language delay or  voice impairment, that adversely affects a student's educational performance. 

What is the first step if you think your child has a speech or language disability?

If you have concerns regarding your child's speech-language development, you can talk to his or her classroom teacher, principal, or school speech-language pathologist. Speech-language screenings, which serve as sorting tools to determine which children may require a "closer look," can be conducted with parental permission.  However, if a full speech-language evaluation is deemed appropriate, no testing will occur until you have given written permission. 

What do school-based Speech-Language Pathologists do?

School-based SLPs provide:

  • speech therapy to children with articulation, phonological, oral-motor, fluency (stuttering), or voice disorders that adversely impact
 their educational performance.
  • receptive and expressive language therapy to children who display delays  in the areas 
of  listening comprehension, oral expression/language, and language processing.  
  • therapy for low-incidence disabilities that can impact
 communication/language skills, including but not limited to Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and cerebral palsy.


The links to the right are meant to help parents gain a better understanding of developmental norms and disabilities that can impact speech-language development.

American Speech-Language Hearing Association : To the left click on "The Public" and enter your concern/disability in the "Search Box" at the top right
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