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High School Activities
The philosophy of the Rocky River High School is to support an extra-curricular activities program for students in the belief that such activities:
  • Provide an opportunity for students to increase skill and knowledge.
  • Aid in fellowship as well as create enthusiasm and leadership.
  • Provide attainment in areas such as clubs, intramurals, service groups and other activities not considered a regular part of the school day.
  • Encourage participation without interfering with the students' schoolwork or with the programs of the school.
  • Promote self-realization and provide an opportunity for the students to meet the need for self-expression while developing a healthy self-concept.
  • Provide rewarding experiences where students can develop positive learning habits and attitudes that lead to success in school and society.
  • Provide opportunities to further develop interests and talent in debate/speech, communication, drama, dance, journalism, music, student government, community service and academic-related areas.
  • Provide a lifetime basis for personal values for work and leisure activities.
  • Provide a feeling of value through participation.
  • Develop and improve positive citizen traits.
  • Hold the position that participation is a privilege and not a right.