Academic Math


Academic Math

Math 6 Academic Curriculum Overview

Connected Mathematics 3 Textbooks

·         Prime Time

o    Building on factors and multiples

o    Prime factorization

o    Distributive property

o    Order of operations


·         Comparing Bits and Pieces

o    Equivalents fractions

o    Ratios and rates

o    Number Lines (including negatives)


·         Let’s Be Rational

o    Computations involving fractions


·         Decimal Ops

o    Decimal operations

o    Estimation

o    Using percents


·         Covering and Surrounding

o    Area and Perimeter

o    Surface Area

o    Volume


·         Variables and Patterns

o    Solving equations

o    Solving and graphing inequalities

o    Independent vs. dependent variables

o    Using tables and graphs to represent and analyze relationships


·         Data about Us

o    Representing data with tables, dot plots, line plots, bar graphs, histograms, and box-and-whisker plots

o    Analyzing data based on graphs

o    Measures of center and variability

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