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Dear Parents,

The Take Home Book Program will start in November after conferences. I would like to take a moment to explain what this program will consist of and how it will work.

Each Wednesday, your child will self-select and “check-out” 5 book titles from our classroom bins. The books will be placed in their Ziplock take-home book bag, which will then go home with them. These books are your child’s to keep until the following Wednesday. We recommend reading/discussing one title per night. When Wednesday arrives, please be sure that all five books are in your child’s take home book bag for their safe return back to school. On Wednesday, your child will choose five new books, and the process will begin anew! (Please know that if your child forgets their books on Wednesday they will have to wait until the following week to select another 5 books.)

I do not expect the children to read these books independently. The books will contain some of the sight words that we have learned, which they should begin to recognize. Reinforcement of these words is helpful. Many of these books have a simple pattern that lends itself to memorization. This memorization of text is the beginning stage of reading. Here are some tips to make reading at home a hit:


Ø parent and child sit closely together so they can both look at the pictures.

Ø talk about the pictures

Ø point to the words

Ø predict what might happen next

Ø talk about the story

Ø retell the story in your own words

Ø ask “W” questions (Who? What? When? Where? Why?)

Ø author and illustrator discuss

Ø pick out sight words you can recognize

Thank you for your help and assistance in making this program a success. I hope you find this program to be both meaningful and enjoyable!


Mrs. Janine Walsh