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RrApps/Student Help

Students in grades 2-12 are given a district Google Apps for Education account. We are calling this account RrApps/Student.  RrApps/Student accounts also include a district student email address.  This email is configured so that email may be sent and received from staff email accounts (rrcs.org) or student email accounts (rrcsstudent.org) in grades 2-8.  Students in grades 9-12 may receive email from outside these domains.  These student email accounts are for school, not personal use.   

RrApps/Student accounts provide students with the ability to create online documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawings.  Additionally, they can upload previously created Word documents and convert them to Google docs.  This will avoid the problem sometimes encountered by students of having a different version of Word at home and school.

This online account will allow students to store Google Docs and files and access them from school, home or anywhere they have Internet access, such as the Rocky River Public Library.  Each RrApps/Student account has unlimited file storage available. In the past, we have recommended that students purchase a flash drive (2 GB or larger memory) to move files between home and school.  We anticipate that this may no longer be necessary as students can use RrApps/Student for this purpose.  

Students at Kensington will learn about RrApps/Student in their computer class throughout the year.  RRMS students will cover RrApps/Student in their quarter-long computer class.  RRHS students will be given an overview of RrApps/Student during class meetings at the beginning of the year.  RRMS and RRHS media staff are also available to provide assistance.  

Note: Parents must have given permission for Internet/email use when they complete their child's online forms at the beginning of the year in order for the student to have an RrApps/Student account enabled.

Login Information

There is also a link under Parents & Students on the top menu bar.

last 2 digits of year of graduation + lastname.firstname

(Note: Usernames have a maximum of 20 characters, which includes the year of graduation and the period.)
Last 6 digits of Student ID # 
(Example: If Student ID # is 000012345, then the password is 012345)


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