Kindergarten Info.


Kindergarten Info.


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Kindergarten Information

BUSES-Please attach your child’s bus tag on their book bag so that it is visible! This makes it much easier for your child to get to the correct destination. If your child is being picked up after school instead of riding the bus, a note must be sent informing the teacher of that change. 

GYM SHOES-Your child may keep a pair of gym shoes at school if you wish. Not only will they always be here for gym day, but they will be convenient to have available on those days that boots are worn to school. If you prefer to not to have gym shoes left at school, they can be brought (or worn if they’re not muddy) on gym day. Girls should wear shorts or pants on gym day. 

BIRTHDAY-Your child may celebrate his/her birthday at school. Only non-food items are allowed.  Some suggestions of items to send in would be pencils, crayons, or you can donate a book for the classroom library. Celebrations that are absent of food items will help protect students who may have life threatening allergies to the ingredients contained in many treats. Additionally, this will help contribute to the general wellness of these youngsters.  Please make sure they are individually wrapped as they will be sent home. Summer birthdays will be celebrated throughout the school year. If your child has a summer birthday, please let the teacher know if you would like to celebrate their “unbirthday”. 

CHANGES- Please let me know if there are any major changes in your child’s life that may affect his/her school life. 

ABSENCES-Please call the school if your child is going to be absent. If your family is going on a trip, please inform the school office and the teacher.

SNACKS/LUNCH-Snacks will begin tomorrow. 

REPORT CARDS/CONFERENCES-During the school year you will be able to view your child’s report card on Progress Book-November, January, March and at the end of the year. We will also have a conference in November to talk about your child’s progress. I will be happy to schedule additional conferences if necessary. 

Friday Folders-These will come home with your child almost every Friday with your child’s weekly newsletter, The Weekender. The Friday Folders should be returned to school on Monday. 

PBIS- I am thrilled to share information with you about our positive behavior program at Goldwood! Our building worked together to create a positive program to help our students be successful. The program is school wide and the expectations will be clearly taught in each different area of the school. Please see the information packet in your folder for details.

Sight Words- In kindergarten our goal this year is to learn 100 sight words before we go off to first grade! 


I am really excited about working with your child and you! I look forward to working together with you to make your child’s first school year experience a meaningful one!



Mrs. Janine Walsh

[email protected]

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