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 I hope this page will be a useful tool for you and your family.  On your right you will find our math time tests, review sheets, newsletters and educational links.  The following is other information that may be helpful to you:

11. Second grade lunch is 12:15 to 1:00.  This makes for a longer morning and a shorter afternoon.  We have a morning specials to break up the day, along with a snack to keep us going until lunch.  Please help your child choose a healthy mid morning snack.  The cookies and chips are much more fun for lunch.   Many students in our school are allergic to peanuts.  Please be conscience of this when picking snacks for our classroom. Our school policy states there will be no other food allowed in the classroom.  This includes birthday treats.  Your child is welcome to bring in a nonfood treat on his or her birthday.  Some of these items include pencils, erasers, stickers etc.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation. It is important that we keep everyone healthy and safe.

2. Math homework will come home nightly and should be returned the next day.  This is also the time when math facts, both addition and subtraction, should be memorized for quick recall.  Our class will take a math fact test every Monday.  A list of fun online games to aid in this process can be found on our classroom website. The reading record sheet should note the minutes read and material read.  This will be given to your child on Monday and is to be returned on the following Monday.  Your child may read silently, aloud or you can also read to your child.  Please be sure to have your child total the minutes read (good math practice).  They can also be responsible for writing the titles and recording their reading time.

3. The second graders will have a plan book this year. The students will be responsible to record their daily homework.  I ask that you check it nightly and initial in the space provided.  This will be a great step toward personal responsibility and begin to prepare the students for Kensington.

4. Our classroom website is a great resource.  On our classroom website are the math time tests, review sheets, and monthly newsletters.  If you would like a paper copy of our newsletter, please let me know. I will also post grades regularly to Progress Book.  You can find a link to Progress Book and my website on the district website.

5. Special Schedule:







10:10 11:05


10:10 10:55


10:10 10:55

Fitness Education

10:10 11:05


10:10 11:05

* Your child may bring home library books on Wednesday.  They should be returned the following Wednesday.


6. Special Activities planned for the year include:

Habitat Activities in October

Winter Concert in December

Penguin Week in March

Western Week in May

7. Field trips enhance the curriculum and take our learning outside the classroom.  Those planned this year involve visits to Hale Farm and Village to study life in 1850’s.  Our PTA supports and funds this field trip for the child.  We will also attend a play as a literature connection, the Art Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

8. Conferences are scheduled for November 8th as well as November 9th. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing insights regarding your child’s learning and progress.