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General Information

Library/Media Center Rules
Please note that the District Wide Code of Conduct is practiced in the library.  Students will be given an orientation during the first week of school to review media center rules, policies and procedures.  We thought we’d take this opportunity to acquaint you with some of these that are particular to the media center.
  • Students must report DIRECTLY to the media center from study hall or classroom.  Students MUST ARRIVE within a reasonable amount of the time posted on the study hall/classroom pass.  Students arriving late will be marked tardy.
  • The media center opens at 7:30 a.m. for students who need to use library resources or complete homework assignments ONLY.  This will be considered a silent study hall.  Students who come to socialize will be considered “disruptive".
  • Students who are disruptive during study hall will be given 1 warning.  Repeated disruptions will result in the student being sent back to class, losing media center privileges during study hall for a period of five days, and receiving a detention.
  • Students must arrive at the media center prepared to work. 
  • Any student receiving 3 detentions will lose media center privileges for the duration of the semester.

Loan Policy
Library books are loaned for 10 school days.  We do not charge fines but require materials to be returned on time. Students will receive overdue notices the last three weeks of each quarter.  Overdue books must be returned by the end of the quarter in order to be eligible for the good conduct/effort award.   Parents may be contacted  if a student has long overdue books.  Students with overdue items risk losing library loan privileges until such items are returned.  Students who lose a book will be assessed for the cost of the book plus a $2.00 processing fee.