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As of February 8th, all homework is now posted in Google Classroom. 
Tuesday, 2-7
Homework:  G&V packet #8; workbook pg. 128-129, #10 
Monday, 2-6
Homework:  i-Culture vocab list (unless you already did one for last week), textbook pg. 251, #15; workbook pg. 127, #9 
Thursday, 2-2
Homework:  final draft of Musikkritker essay due tomorrow: write your vocabulary clues 
Wednesday, 2-1
Homework;  complete the draft of your Musikkritiker essay. 
Thursday, 1-19
Homework:  study for i-culture quiz; workbook pgs. 121-122, #3-4 
Wednesday, 1-18
Homework;  complete the G&V activity shared in the Google Doc folder  
Tuesday, 1-17
Homework:  complete the story (shared in Google Docs) about Wolfgang and Tobias - make sure that the events are logical, though they still may be silly! 
Thursday, 1-12
Homework:  i-Culture activities and study for quiz; 10 conversation topic sentences and 4 questions 
Wednesday, 1-11
Homework:  type your 10 sentences and 4 questions into the Google Doc shared in the German 3/4 folder. 
Tuesday, 1-10
Homework:  textbook pg. 230, #1; write 10 sentences about one of the topics you enjoy discussing listed on pg. 228 
Monday, 1-9
Homework:  Kapitel 7, Lektion A vocab list, i-Culture vocab list, workbook pg. 120, #1 
Thursday, 1-5
Homework: continue to work on your Umfrage sentences and presentation (due Monday) 
Wednesday, 1-4
Homework:  complete the "Neujahr Umfrage" questions. 
Monday, 12-12
Homework:  read the Lesestück, textbook pgs. 213-215; workbook pgs. 113-114, #12 
Thursday, 12-8
Homework:  textbook pg. 221, R1; pg. 224, R9; study for i-Culture vocab quiz 
Wednesday, 12-7
Homework:  textbook pg. 215 "Persönliches" and crossword clues 
Tuesday, 12-6
Homework:  workbook pg. 112-113, #11 
Monday, 12-5
Homework:  G&V worksheet; i-Culture vocab list of 15 words 
Thursday, 12-1
Homework:  textbook pg. 210, #13-14 
Wednesday, 11-30
Homework:  read "Im Lebensmittelgeschaeft," textbook pgs. 208-210; complete workbook pg. 112, #10 
Tuesday, 11-29
Monday, 11-28
Homework: Select your i-Culture article and create your 15 word vocabulary list. 
Homework:  workbook pgs. 104-105, #3-4 
Thursday, 11-17
Homework: Journals and letters 
Tuesday, 11-15
Homework:  textbook pg. 193, #2-3; workbook pg. 103, #2 
Monday, 11-14
Homework:  15 sentence journal entry:  Imagine you are a German and write about where you prefer to shop - in an open-air market, or at a supermarket?  Why?  Describe your experiences. 
Thursday, 10-27
Homework: textbook pg. 173, "Noch etwas" evaluation - write how you would communicate each task in German! 
Wednesday, 10-26
Homework: workbook pgs. 92-95, #13-14; Tagebucheintrag: Compare the celebration meal of you and your partner!  
Tuesday, 10-25
Homework: read textbook pgs. 171-172 and complete workbook pg. 90, #10
Journal entry: Vergleiche die Abiturerfahrung(Abitur experience) von Timo Hauser zu deiner Universitaetbewerbungerfahrung(university application experience)!
Monday, 10-24
Homework:  Read the "Hintergrund" in the textbook on pg. 174 and respond to the "Vergleiche" question in German; workbook pg. 89, #9; write a sentence using each word from the activity. 
Thursday, 10-20
Homework:  journal entries and pen-pal letter 
Tuesday, 10-18
Homework:  Match the adjectives for activity "B" in your "Lives of Others" packet to each character.  You may need to write the translations for each adjective first! 
Monday, 10-17
Homework:  write a reflection on the events in the film today - who do you see as changing from "Regime" to "Opposition," or vice-versa?  How are they changing and what prompted these changes? What predictions do you have? 
Thursday, 10-13
Homework:  complete the definition translations and matching for the "Regime" and "Opposition" in your "Das Leben der Anderen" packet!  
Thursday, 10-6
Homework:  complete both sides of the genitive handout; pen-pal letters due tomorrow! 
Wednesday, 10-5
Homework:  workbook pgs. 84-85, #3-5 
Tuesday, 10-4
Homework:  complete the worksheet and packet about case/article endings 
Monday, 10-3
Homework:  Write a unified essay using your Cluster Chart and Venn Diagram to include your personal reactions to and experiences with the information from the text (i.e. Culture Journal; Zusammenhaenge Geschichte; Produkte, #1; Culture Practices; Forsche im Internet). 
Thursday, 9-29
1) Welches lokale Restaurant hast du am liebsten? Warum?
2) Survey friends, family, teachers about their favorite type of cuisine. Then create a graphic which displays the different types of cuisine and numbers/percentages. Write a paragraph explaining the graphic (the number of people you surveyed, the types of cuisine mentioned, most/least popular, etc.) and comparing your information to that in the graphic on pg. 164.
Wednesday, 9-28
Homework:  read "Hintergrund," textbook pg.155 and answer the following questions:
Was ist ein typisches, amerikanisches Fruehstueck? Was isst du am meistens zum Fruestueck?
Wo kauft deine Familie Lebensmittel? Wie weit ist das Geschaeft von zu Hause? Warum kauft ihr dort?
Isst du Brot sehr gern? Was fuer Brot isst du am liebsten?
Tuesday, 9-27
Homework:  Look up the articles for your vocab. Workbook pg. 82, #1 - Find a restaurant in Germany and use their online menu to complete the activity! Be prepared to answer where the restaurant is located and what type of food is served there! 
Monday, 9-26
Homework:  Translate your part of the "Alle meine AWFs!" comic, textbook pg. 142; Read the excerpt from "Heidi" on textbook pg. 144 - Then write about the reason why Heidi has to go live with her grandfather, how she and her grandfather feel about the new living situation, which conflicts may arise, and how those conflicts will be resolved. 
Thursday, 9-22
Homework;  Letters and journals for tomorrow!  Study for the Kapitel 4, Lektion B test. 
Wednesday, 9-21
Homework:  workbook pgs. 77-78, #15-16 
Tuesday, 9-20
Homework:  complete the Rick Steves worksheet about Liechtenstein 
read the transcript here
watch the video here
and read textbook pgs. 139-141 and complete #19-20.
Monday, 9-19
Homework:  workbook pgs. 74-75, #12-13 
Thursday. 9-15
Homework:  complete your testimonial and make corrections; study for the animals on a farm and infinitives as nouns quiz! Write your 15 sentence letter and your 3 journal entries! 
Wednesday, 9-14
Homework:  Continue writing your "Testimonial" based on the "Ich bin beim Fuettern" activity on book pg. 138.  Your testimonial should be 1-1.5 minutes in length when read, include pictures of you and your/a pet, the product, and and incorporate verbs used as nouns as much as possible (try to use each type twice:  beim, mit dem, zum, das/no prep).  Due Monday, 9-19 
Tuesday, 9-13
Homework:  workbook pg. 73, #11 
Monday, 9-12
Homework:  workbook pg. 75, #14; 79, #18 
Thursday, 9-8
Homework: Don't foget to write your two journal entries and 15 sentence letter response and for tomorrow! 
Wednesday, 9-7
Homework:  Read textbook pgs. 131-132 "Hintergrund - Kultur ueber Haustiere und Bauernhoefe und Deutsche Landwirtschaft in Deutschland" then write a comparison of each topic (pets, farms, agriculture, bio-agriculture and bio-products) to these topics in American culture. Workbook pg. 71, #8, with plural forms! 
Thursday, 9-1
Homework: Your 15 sentence pen-pal letter is due tomorrow, along with your 3 journal entries (each 15 sentences)! 
Tuesday, 8-30
Homework:   Find your favorite pet/animal video and write a title for it as well as a description of what's happening in the video and why you like it! 
Thursday. 8-25
Homework:  Start gathering photos for your Sommerprojekt! 
Wednesday, 8-24
Homework: Complete the reflection about your partners' responses. You may respond in English, or try to incorporate some German! Helpful vocabulary: gemeinsam - in common; anders - different; ueberraschen - to surprise; kennen lernen - get to know; die Antwort - answer, response 
Tuesday, 8-23
Homework: Complete your Interesse Umfrage and Mitarbeit Rubrik. Circle your level of participation last year and place a star next to your participation goals for this year. At the bottom of the page, write how you will go about accomplishing particularly challenging goals, and what I can do to help you!