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As of February 8th, all homework is now posted in Google Classroom. 
Tuesday, 2-7
Homework:  Eine Postkarte aus München (in Google Docs folder) 
Monday, 2-6
Homework:  complete G&V #4, workbook pg. 169, #6, textbook pg. 385, #5-7 (half of each textbook activity). 
Thursday, 2-2
Homework:  workbook pg. 168, #4-5 
Wednesday, 2-1
Homework:  textbook pg. 382, #4; workbook pg. 167, #3 
Tuesday, 1-17
Homework;  workbook pg. 165, #1 - write a sentence using each mode of transportation 
Thursday, 1-12
Homework:  Doping for Gold reflection; record and share the 10 sentences from the Lesestück 
Thursday, 1-5
Homework: continue to work on your Umfrage sentences and presentation (due Monday) 
Wednesday, 1-4
Homework:  Go to the German 2 students folder in Google Docs and click on the "German 2 Neujahr Umfrage", which have questions about your break and New Year. A word bank of terms is at the bottom of the document. Make yourself a copy of the document and type out the vocabulary you'll need to answer the question - you do not need to write complete sentences or create a presentation yet! For example, #2. Wie waren deine Ferien? (How was your vacation?), just write some adjectives which describe your vacation. Use to help you.  
Monday, 12-12
Homework: workbook pg. 160, #13 
Wednesday, 12-7
Homework:  textbook pgs. 357-358, #15-16; workbook pg. 158, #9 
Tuesday, 12-6
Homework:  read the dialogue on textbook pgs. 357-358; complete #16 and workbook pg. 158, #9; final revisions of preposition story 
Monday, 12-5
Homework:  workbook pg. 157, #8 - write a sentence using each body part 
Thursday, 12-1
Homework: complete Aktuelles packet and your preposition story. 
Wednesday, 11-30
Homework:  study for dative quiz tomorrow; Aktuelles questions - due Friday 
Tuesday, 11-29
Homework: complete G&V# 7; textbook pgs. 351-352, #10-13; workbook pg. 156, #7 
Monday, 11-28
Homework: packet pgs. 47 and pg. 106, sections B, C, and D. 
Tuesday, 11-22
Homework:  7th period only:  go to and complete activities 5-7 on pg. 343 and check your answers. Complete 4 combinations for activity 7.   
Thursday, 11-17
Homework:  Letters, complete FIFA webquest and activities #3-4 on textbook pg. 340 and workbook pg. 150. 
Tuesday, 11-15
Homework: workbook pgs. 154-156, #5-6 
Monday, 11-14
Homework: workbook pg. 152, #3 - write an additional detail in a separate sentence for each activity - don't use the same verb as in the activity! 
Tuesday, 11-1
Homework: Go into the German 2 students 2016/17 folder and click on the "Lesson Instructions, 10-31-16 and 11-1-16 Homework" and complete what is assigned for homework. 
Thursday, 10-27
Homework:  workbook pg. 140-141, #9.  7th period:  Based on your chore chart score, what level of "clean-freak" describes you and what does it mean?
58-76: Du bist ein echter Putzfimmel! Du moechtest anderen helfen.
39-57: Du bist sauber, aber nicht fanatisch, und du kannst anderen helfen.
20-38: Du bist minimalistisch. Du arbeitest nicht gern, und magst Vergnuegen lieber.
0-19: Du bist zu faul! Willst du anderen nicht helfen?
Wednesday, 10-26
Homework: For each chore listed on the chart, check the frequency according to how often you do that chore. 5th period only: Based on your score, what level of "clean-freak" describes you and what does it mean?
58-76: Du bist ein echter Putzfimmel! Du moechtest anderen helfen.
39-57: Du bist sauber, aber nicht fanatisch, und du kannst anderen helfen.
20-38: Du bist minimalistisch. Du arbeitest nicht gern, und magst Vergnuegen lieber.
0-19: Du bist zu faul! Willst du anderen nicht helfen?
Monday, 10-24
Homework:  Make final decisions as to what movies you and your partner will discuss during the role-play! 
Thursday, 10-20
Homework;  Kapitel 9, Lektion A listening activity in German 2 students 2016/17 folder in Google Docs; pen-pal letter; study for Kapitel 9, Lektion A quiz! 
Wednesday, 10-19
Homework:  workbook pgs. 134-138, #5-7 
Tuesday, 10-18
Homework:  Read textbook pgs. 304-306. Complete the activities/questions in "Vergleiche" and "Analyse" on pg. 304, and "Perspektive" on pg. 306. Then read textbook pg. 308, "Kulturelles Lesen" and write six questions about the story! 
Monday, 10-17
Homework:  workbook pgs. 130-133, #1-4 (answer activity 2 with complete sentences!) 
Thursday, 10-13
Homework:  Pen-pal letters due Monday! Create a Google Presentation with the following information:  your favorite film(Lieblingsfilm); why it is your favorite film; a short description (not spoiler!) about the film; your favorite actor(Schauspieler) or actress(Schauspielerin); why he/she is your favorite; what films he/she has starred in that you like. Include pictures of the films and actors! 
Wednesday, 10-12
Homework:  compare your activity charts and write about the activities you and your partner both like and dislike! 
Tuesday, 10-11
Homework:  In your vocabulary packet, place an "x" in the column "gern" or "nicht gern" according to whether you like or dislike that particular activity.  For the last two rows, write in your own activity that you like, and one that you dislike.  Then answer the 5 questions on the bottom of the page with complete sentences.   
Thursday, 10-6
Homework:  "Goodbye, Lenin!" poem and packet question #5; pen-pal letters due tomorrow! 
Wednesday, 10-5
Homework:  "Goodbye, Lenin!" poem #2 and packet question #4 
Tuesday, 10-4
Homework:  "Goodbye, Lenin!" poem and questions #1-3 in the packet. 
Wednesday, 9-28
Homework:  read Land und Leute, "Oesterreich," textbook pgs. 284-285, #21; workbook pgs. 126-127, #17-18
Tuesday, 9-27
Homework:  workbook pgs. 124-125, #14-15 
Thursday, 9-22
Homework:  workbook pgs. 123-124, #13; letters to your pen-pal! 
Wednesday, 9-21
Homework:  Complete writing the draft of your Traumhaus essay and continue to work on your poster! 
Monday, 9-19
Homework;  work on your poster and/or essay!  Poster presentations will begin Monday, 9/26. 
Thursday. 9-15
Homework:  workbook pg. 123, #12; study for the rooms and objects in a house quiz! Write your 15 sentence letter response! 
Wednesday, 9-14
Homework:  G&V #10 - study the rooms of a house and objects for your quiz on Friday! 
Tuesday, 9-13
Homework:  Take a piece of paper and divide and cut it into 6 squares. On each square you will write 3-4 sentences in German which describe either a household object, or a room in a house. Write the answer on the back of the piece of paper. I will collect all clues tomorrow and read them aloud for your classmates to guess during a game of Eggspert!
Monday, 9-12
Homework:  workbook pg. 121, #10 and write a sentence about what you do with each item in that room Ich (verb) mit dem/der (noun); Ich brauche (noun) zum (verb); Ich nutze (noun) zum (verb); Der/Die/Das (noun) ist gut zum (verb). 
Thursday, 9-8
Homework:  Don't foget to write your 15 sentence letter response for tomorrow! 
Wednesday, 9-7
Homework:  Complete the reflection and analysis of your group's presentation/activity/assessment.  Please also share the Google Sheet of the assessment results.  
Tuesday, 9-6
Homework:  Take the Google Form review assessments from the other groups who presented today. 
Cleveland Oktoberfest!
Information about location, tickets and events at
 You can get extra credit if you show me your ticket and write a paragraph about your experience there, as well as do some research about the history of Oktoberfest in Germany and present your findings to the class!
Friday, 9-2
Review Presentations Due Tuesday, 9-6!g
Make sure that:
-The information on your slides is accurate!
-Your activities are engaging and practice the grammar concept using the vocabulary. Ask yourself: would you want to participate in this activity? Would it help you learn?
-Your review and activities are ~25 minutes
-Your assessment has enough questions to give you valid results
-All questions on your form are REQUIRED
-Your form has questions for the STUDENT NAME and E-MAIL
Thursday, 9-1
Homework:  Your 15 sentence pen-pal letter is due tomorrow! 
Thursday. 8-25
Homework:  Think about starting your letter to your pen-pal! 
Wednesday, 8-24
Homework:  Complete the reflection about your partners' responses.  You may respond in English, or try to incorporate some German!  Helpful vocabulary:  gemeinsam - in common; anders - different; ueberraschen - to surprise; kennen lernen - get to know; die Antwort - answer, response 
Tuesday, 8-23
Homework:  Complete your Interesse Umfrage and Mitarbeit Rubrik.  Circle your level of participation last year and place a star next to your participation goals for this year.  At the bottom of the page, write how you will go about accomplishing particularly challenging goals, and what I can do to help you!