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As of February 8th, all homework is now posted in Google Classroom. 
Tuesday, 2-7
Homework:  Write 5 questions and 5 statements using 10 different vocabulary words from your list! 
Monday, 2-6
Homework:  Complete the vocab list using textbook pgs. 120-121; 134, 139. Read "Hintergrund" on textbook pg. 123, then fill out the information for your schedule, fav. class, teacher and worst/least favorite class. 
Thursday, 2-2
Homework:  workbook pg. 51-52, #4-5 (will be checked for accuracy!) 
Wednesday, 2-1
Homework:  Read the packet about the definite article and accusative case (also shared in the Google Doc student folder) and also textbook pg. 112. Complete the G&V handout #2-3.  For activity 2, also write the definition of any unfamiliar word. For activity 3, your choices are der, die, das or den. 
Thursday, 1-12
Homework:  workbook pg. 42, #12 
Wednesday, 1-11
Homework:  workbook pg. 41, #10-11 
Tuesday, 1-10
Homework:  complete your presentation 
Monday, 1-9
Homework:  Bring the following info to class - name of favorite t.v. program (not film), network and channel on which it airs, time when it airs, 3 adjectives why you like it, name of a t.v. program you don't like and 3 adjectives why you don't like it. 
Thursday, 1-5
Homework:  continue to work on your Umfrage sentences and presentation (due Monday) 
Wednesday, 1-4
Homework:  Go to the German 1 students folder in Google Docs and click on the "German 1 Neujahr Umfrage", which have questions about your break and New Year. A word bank of terms is at the bottom of the document. Make yourself a copy of the document and type out the vocabulary you'll need to answer the question - you do not need to write complete sentences or create a presentation yet! For example, #2. Wie waren deine Ferien? (How was your vacation?), just write some adjectives which describe your vacation. Use to help you.  
Monday, 12-12
Homework:  workbook pg. 36, #7; Kapitel 3, Lektion A listening in Google folder 
Wednesday, 12-7
Homework:  Kapitel 3, Lektion A listening; workboook pgs. 34, #4-5 
Tuesday, 12-6
Homework:  complete the packet sentences - will be checked for accuracy! 
Monday, 12-5
Homework:  Grammar and vocabulary handout #3&5 
Wednesday, 11-30
Homework:  workbook pgs. 31-32, #1-3 
Monday, 11-28
Homework:Read "Aktuelles," textbook pgs. 78-80. What are your top 10 freetime activities (liste them in German)? How do they compare to the German teens' ranking? Answer "Vergleiche" on pg. 79 and "Analyse" on pg. 80. Interpret the graphic on pg. 82 and complete "Ich verstehe die Umfrage!" What are your favorite music preferences (list them in German)? 
Wednesday, 11-16
Homework:  workbook pgs. 37-40, #8-9 
Tuesday, 11-15
Homework: workbook pg. 20, #8 
Monday, 11-14
Homework:  Be prepared to say an important date in your life, your birthdate, and your favorite season! 
Tuesday, 11-8
Homework: workbook pg. 19, #7; pg. 21, #9
write out the numbers for the rest of the ages of your partner(s)
Tuesday, 10-25
Homework:  check each cell phone function on the chart for which you use your cell phone.  Then rank them in order of how much you use that function for (#1 being most, #17 being the least). 
Monday, 10-24
Homework:  Study Kapitel 2, Lektion A flashcards and pronunciation on Quizlet! 
Thursday, 10-20
Homework:  Research the current population growth statistics for the United States and Germany (current population, birth rate, death rate). How do the two countries' statistics compare? What factors do you believe influence birth rate? Read textbook pgs. 47-48. Answer the questions within the "Analyse" boxes on pg. 47 and the "Vergleiche" and "Perspektive" boxes on pg. 48. 
Tuesday, 10-18
Homework:  complete the vocabulary list using textbook pgs. 40-41, 53 and 69. 
Monday, 10-17
Homework:  complete the second "I am" poem for a different character, or the same character but for more recent events. 
Thursday, 10-13
Homework:  write one "I am" poem through the perspective of one of the characters from "Der Tunnel" 
Thursday, 10-6
Homework:  complete your project; read the articles shared with you in the German 1 students 2016/17 folder in the document titled "Articles for Friday" 
Thursday, 9-29
Homework:  workbook pgs. 7-9, #7, #8, #9, #11 - for activity 11, write an answer to any question, and for any statement, write a question that would result in that statement! 
Wednesday, 9-28
Homework:  packet activities #11-14 
Tuesday, 9-27
Homework:  Read textbook pg. 22 "Hintergrund" about cognates. Then find 3 false cognates and 3 true cognates and create a Google slide show or make a Kahoot with a slide featuring each word and two images (one representing the definition, the other being incorrect). The class must then guess which is which! 
Monday, 9-26
Homework:  Can you think of any other analogies that relate to how Germans and Americans view/treat friendships and/or acquaintances (Germans are like a coconut because..., Americans are like a peach because...)? 
Wednesday, 9-21
Homework:  complete the acrostic poem about your name and add pictures to represent each word! 
Tuesday, 9-20
Homework:  write sentences about yourself and other students in the class using each form of "to be" along with different adjectives to describe each person/group of people (ex. I am nice; Axel, you are nice; (Nico) He is nice; (Lina) She is nice; We are interesting; Raina and Katharina, you all are interesting; (Jan and Nordica) They are interesting; Frau Sieg, you are interesting.  
Monday, 9-19
Homework:  read textbook pgs. 17-18 and 23-25. Try to take notes in your packet beginning on the first page with "Examples of people you address using "du":" through "Present-tense verb forms". We will review all information in class on Tuesday. 
Thursday. 9-15
Homework:  first page of "Zahlen"/numbers packet. Write the numbers out for your: 1) age 2) height 3) weight 4) phone number 5) area code 6) house number 7) zip code 8) lucky number 9) favorite t.v. channel 10) favorite hour of the day 11) the most you've ever spent on clothing 12) how much $ you have in the bank 
Wednesday, 9-14
Homework:  Last page of numbers packet.  FYI, "mal" means to multiply. 
Tuesday, 9-13
Homework:  workbook pg. 5, #5 
Thursday, 9-8
Homework:  workbook pg. 5, #4; pg. 6, #6 
Wednesday, 9-7
Homework:  workbook pgs. 1-2, activities #1-2; pg. 4, activity #3 
Alphabet, diphthong and introduction quiz Tuesday, 9-6
Listen to words spelled aloud and determine if the spelling matches the word you see in front of you. Listen to pronunciation of words with the different "ch" sounds and choose which "ch" sound you hear. Record yourself saying "Good morning, my name is..." spelling your new German first name and given last name, and saying "Goodbye" in German.   
Cleveland Oktoberfest!
Information about location, tickets and events at
You can get extra credit if you show me your ticket and write a paragraph about your experience there, as well as do some research about the history of Oktoberfest in Germany and present your findings to the class!g
Tuesday, 8-30
Homework:  read about the remaining consonant pairings and practice the pronunciation of the list of words on the back of the first page of the packet applying the rules of vowel and consonant pairings.   
Monday, 8-29
Homework:  Practice pronunciation of the alphabet and be prepared to introduce yourself to the class and spell your first and last name! 
Thursday. 8-25
Homework:  Practice pronunciation of greetings and classroom expressions! 
Wednesday, 8-24
Homework: Create a chart with the following columns: What I know about the language, culture, history of Germany; What I want to know; What I hope to accomplish this year (personal, non-academic goals). Be as specific as possible!
Practice your pronunciation of the classroom expressions!
Tuesday, 8-23
Homework:  Complete your Interest Inventory.