After Grad Skit INFO


After Grad Skit INFO

Edwards Productions Ltd.
5303 Gargasz Dr
Lorain, OH 44053
Phone (440) 320-9727

After Grad Advance Video Skits 2023
This information pertains to anyone who will be filming their own skits with a digital video
camcorder or smartphone. Final videos must be delivered to Victor Edwards. 

I am editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Do you have a question not listed below? Feel free to email me.
It's better to clarify any questions before filming your video. 

There are some requirements that would make this process more seamless:

? This year, the best way to deliver videos is using cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Video files are too large to attach directly in an email.
? Another option would be to give me/Tiffany video files on a USB flash drive.
? The final video will be produced in HD 1080p widescreen (16x9) format. Most modern smart phones, digital cameras and video cameras support 1920x1080p widescreen video.
? If using your phone to take video, do NOT hold the phone vertically, make sure you film your videos in "landscape" not "portrait". Hold the phone horizontally.
? Follow the time guideline. If you video is too long it will need to be shortened.
? No inappropriate topics or content, no alcohol or drugs especially at the school.
? If you aren’t sure about appropriate content, it probably means it’s a bad idea.

 File formats that will work well include: 
.mp4 try to use this format if possible 
.wmv (Windows)
.avi (Windows)
.mov (QuickTime/Mac)

Resolutions that work well include: (width x height) 
1280x720P (acceptable, but lower quality) 
1920x1080P try to use this resolution
3840x2160 4K UHD (unnecessary, but acceptable)

Frame rate should be 29.97fps or 30fps 
Try to use P (progressive) not I (interlaced)

Some editing software might give you custom quality setting options.
For 1080p video at 30fps try for 15Mbps video and 256Kbps audio.
If your software uses presets instead of custom, use medium-high quality.

We have encountered issues with iMovie exporting videos with the wrong frame rate. Videos need to be filmed and edited at 30fps. Not 24fps or 25fps

A final note, be sure to watch the video before you give it to me!
If the video doesn't look right on your computer, it probably won't look any better on mine.

  After Grad Skit Writers -  Calling all creative people!  We are looking for volunteers to help with skit writing for the After Grad show.  The show consists of video and live performances.   You don't have to be in the skit, but we need people to assist with creating the content.   We will be meeting for a writing session in the next couple weeks.  This will be the only time we will get together to write the scripts.  There may be a bit of work to be done individually in the next couple months.  If you would like to volunteer or have questions, please contact either Amy Massad [email protected]  or Megan Maher [email protected]

Information for "First Timers" About the After-Grad Show
Welcome! You will soon learn that this experience is FUN. You will meet lots of new people and perhaps reacquaint yourself with parents you met years ago. This is the 66th Rocky River High School Senior Parent After Grad Show!
Throughout the fall/winter, the writing committee has been busy creating the outline of this year's show. We will share specific details about the outline and how it relates to our theme at each of our rehearsals. All show information should remain TOP SECRET from our seniors. The element of the surprise is a large part of the fun for our kids.
So what do you do now?
?At the very least, be in the show's opening parade of parents and the ending Poster Presentation/Weeping Session - all you have to do is walk out on stage to some great music, smile and wave at the senior class. In addition, be in the Lip Dub on Sunday, March 19th to be filmed in the hallways of RRHS. We are counting on you for a great turn out!
?Sign up to be in videos and/or live skits or dances that are based on our seniors' experiences from Goldwood through RRHS. Or, if acting and dancing is not your thing, sign up to help behind the scenes as part of our stage crew, tech team, or food committee.
Beginning February 12th, attend weekly practices at the middle school in the commons area on Sundays from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (not all practices will take 2 hours). These practices go over the opening and closing numbers, allowing you to meet with skit captain(s) for any of the skits you signed up to perform (additional practice times may be required and will be set by skit captain(s)).
?Purchase your child's ticket to After Grad and pay for your required "ticket", which is a themed t-shirt that all parents will wear for the show. In addition, you may pay for the poster we are selling that will be available in March-May. The poster is what you will decorate to proudly hold for our show's closing.
?Read our email updates so you will stay informed on AFter Prom and After Grad details.
?Information is also posted on the Senior Parent page which can be found at under RRHS.
Order forms and other details can be found here too.
?After Grad is ONLY for the Senior class of 2023 and their Parents/Guardians. No exceptions! If you would like others to see the show, they may attend our Community Show on Saturday, June 3rd at RMS at 4:00 pm.
?We hired Director, Tiffany Weston who has professional experience and has been leading this show for the last few years, before that participated as a parent volunteer. We are in skilled hands!! The show will also be filmed by Victor Edwards, a professional film production service and an electronic copy of the event will be given to every senior in August.
?We have numerous parents who are volunteering their time and talents to make the show great. Please let us know where you would like to help!
Thanks for helping us make this a fantastic send off to our Seniors!

2023 After Grad Show Calendar

January 11 Wednesday - 7PM @RRHS commons  **parent meeting**

Sunday Show Rehearsals:
February 12 @ Rocky River Middle School 10a-12p
February 26 @ RRMS 10-12
March 5 @ RRMS 10-12
March 12 @ RRMS 10-12
March 19 @ RRMS 10-12
March 26 @ RRMS 10-12
April 2 @ RRMS 10-12
April 23 @ RRMS 10-12
May 7 @ RRMS 10-12
May 14 @ RRMS 10-12
May 21 @ RRMS 6p-8p  **Time Change**
May 27 @ RRMS Saturday cue to cue 10a-4p
May 28 @ RRMS Sunday Full Dress
            Call time : 9:30a        Show time: 10:00a
June 3 @RRMS Saturday Community Show
            Call time: 3:30p         Show time: 4:00p
June 4 @ RRMS Sunday After Grad Show!!
            Call time: 6-6:30p      Show time: 7:00p


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