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Beginning in 2013, all Senior Projects will be posted on a Google Site.  Below are resources to assist seniors in creating their Google Sites.
Create Your Google Site 
  1. Login to your Google Apps account.
  2. Click on "Sites" and then click on "Create" 
  3. Name your Google Site using this format: Senior Project First Name Last Initial
  4. Example: Senior Project Dianna F
  5. Choose your theme (you can always change it later)
  6. Keep your site private 
  7. Make sure you share your site with Mrs. Hecker and Mrs. Ritschel
  8. Submit the URL for your site here:
  9. Do not post your phone number or address on the website
Suggestions for Senior Project Sites
  • Keep your Journal online - create a Google Document and embed it on a page.
  • Keep track of your hours - create a Google Spreadsheet and embed it on a page.
  • Print out the completed sheet, have your supervisor sign it and turn it in
  • Embed photos
  • Embed a Google Presentation
  • Create a video, upload it to YouTube and embed it in the site.
  • Scan artifacts and post on site
  • Create a page with information about your work place.  Link to their website, if available.
  • Use a widget to countdown the days of your Senior Project