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Rocky River High School Class of 2018 Congratulations Michael Shoaf! OHSAA State Track and Field Champion Shot Put: 1st Place (62’ 07”) Discus: 2nd Place (182’ 01”) Congratulations RRHS Athletes! OHSAA State Track and Field Championships Ava Rauser: 6th Place / High Jump Leah Schellentrager: 9th Place /  Long Jump Congratulations DI Teams! Destination Imagination Globals 2018  Team Techno Bunnies: Dasara Beta Sofia Mural Anna Rouphail;  Team Magna Virtue: Beatrix Stickney Hugo Stickney KIS Named Cleveland Clinic Banner School Congratulations RRHS Drama Department!  Monty Python's Spamalot Winner of 2018 Dazzle Awards: The Connor Family Best Musical (Tier 1 ) Best Costume Design
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Congratulations to the Girls Fencing Team, who came in 1st place in the Ohio High School Fencing Championships and to the Boys Team, who were the Runners-Up.  
Congrats to Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad 2018 Regional Awards

1st place:

Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Mousetrap Vehicle

Grace Wang and Samantha Manoloff, Microbe Mission

2nd place:

Grace Wang and Max Stahl, Fast Facts

Daniel Achour and Joey Weixel, Towers

Evan Mathewson and Will Beach, Geek Speak

Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Chem Lab

Bella Mediate and Sasha Ruffus, Write It, Do It

3rd place:

Greg Ganor and Erik Kocinare, Towers

Owen Ganor and Erik Kocinare, Rocks and Minerals

4th place:

Marin Way and Oleg Golev, Forensics

Jason Gronn and Josiah Sawyer, Hovercraft

Joey Weixel and Laith Wattar, Battery Buggy

Laith Wattar, Grace Wang, and Morgan Way, Experimental Design

Morgan Way and Laith Wattar, Mystery Architecture

Ethan Sollars and Daniel Achour, Roller Coaster

5th place:

Laith Wattar and Joey Weixel, Hovercraft

Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Optics

6th place:

Audrey Harkins and Ella Gibson, Anatomy and Physiology

Max Stahl and Paul Mediate, Rocks and Minerals

Ella Ruebsteck and Max Stahl, Solar System

Ana Vladescu and Cora Mathewson, Geek Speak

Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Helicopters

Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Materials Science

Leanne Wattar and Sadie Newton, Towers

7th place:

Cora Mathewson and Alia Escobedo, Crime Busters

Ana Vladescu and Paul Mediate, Ecology

Guillaume Delgado and Wyatt Chung, Herpetology

Sasha Ruffus, Jackie Bush, and Maddy Smyth, Experimental Design

8th place:

Brianna Raynes and Owen Ganor, Battery Buggy

Ana Vladescu and Samantha Manoloff, Optics

Ella Gibson and Audrey Harkins, Potions and Poisons

Morgan Way and Ella Ruebsteck, Road Scholar

Marcella Pfaff and Sadie Newton, Disease Detectives

Jackie Bush and Marcella Pfaff, Ecology

Marin Way and Leanne Wattar, Microbe Mission

Katrina and Leanne Wattar, Remote Sensing

Jill Erml and Oleg Golev, Rocks and Minerals

Morgan Way and Daniel Achour, Wright Stuff

Seth Purohit and Erik Kocinare, Thermodynamics

Congratulations to National History Day club
National History Day competed this weekend at the Western Reserve Historical Society.  Special congrats to the following:
Special Prize for Jewish History Winners:  Charlotte Weixel and Ragan Murray - Nuremberg Trials
Senior Group Exhibits:  
Thomas Krizman, Dylan Smith, Ryan and Jaret Boettcher - Paris Peace Conference (honorable mention)
Group Website:  
Teagan Smith and Grayson Newton- Cuban Missile Crisis (3rd)
Research Paper:
Liam Smyth - Apollo Soyuz (2nd)
Best in school:
Anna mural and Ellie Hawkins - Hamilton and Jefferson (honorable mention)
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