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March 1, 2018

Superintendent’s Message

The development of the annual school calendar is often a topic of discussion among students, staff, and parents.  Questions include how are school calendars created?  Who gives input?  Can I give input?  Who decides on the final version?  Sharing information about the school calendar development process may help address each question and hopefully more.

First, school calendars are based on required hours as prescribe by the State in R.C. 3313.48 (as amended).  As such, effective with school year 2014-15, legislatures defined the minimum number of instructional hours by grade to include 455 hours for kindergarten, 910 hours for students in grades 1-6, and 1,001 hours for students in grades 7-12.  Additionally, the Rocky River City School District’s collectively bargained contract calls for a school calendar to include not more than 186 days of which 180 days will be used for student instruction.  And finally, Board of Education Policy 8210 (School Calendar) sets further direction in developing a school calendar.  All of these defining factors are considered when building a school calendar.  

Following enacted laws, contracts, and policies, many iterations of a school calendar year are considered before narrowing the options to 3 or 4 drafts for input.  Drafts of school calendars are shared with the Board of Education, employees, PTA Council, building PTA’s, student advisory groups, and with the community in a public session at a Board meeting.  The Board of Education posts a notice of a public hearing for the calendar draft that will be recommended for formal action at the Business meeting the following month.  This public hearing is an opportunity for everyone to give input on the calendar draft prior to any official action being taken.

Changes, based on collective input and further study, are made to the calendar draft prior to the public hearing.  The final draft shared with the Board of Education and available at the public hearing most reflects the input we received, is in compliance with Board Policy 8210, satisfies district negotiated agreements, and abides by Ohio law.  Assuredly, we want a school calendar that meets the instructional needs of our students and staff and is supported by our parents and community.  

If you have input and/or ideas for future school calendars, please let me know.

Best wishes for continued educational success!


Michael G. Shoaf