Office of the Superintendent
Rocky River Board of Education
1101 Morewood Parkway
Rocky River, OH 44116
October, 2017
Superintendent's Message
Sharing information with students, parents, staff, and community members is an important goal for the Rocky River City School District. As a means of achieving this goal, Town Hall Meetings have been planned to present information about educational topics, societal issues, and community interests.

Past Town Hall Meeting have included:

• Ohio’s Drug Overdose Epidemic: What Families need to Know

• A Mindful Life: From Surviving to Thriving

• Rising Epidemic: Prescription Drugs and Heroin

• Robby’s Voice

• Hidden in Plain Sight

• Social Media/Internet Crimes and Safety - What Parents Need to Know!

You are invited and encouraged to attend the next Town Hall Meeting presented by Kristen Race, Ph.D. on October 16, 2017, 7pm, at Rocky River High School. Dr. Race is the author of Mindful Parenting and will present Mindfulness and the Teenage Brain (see presentation description below) for parents and community members. Please considering join the Rocky River City Schools for this powerful presentation!

Mindfulness and the Teenage Brain
From the demands of modern society to the price of perfectionism, teens are experiencing higher levels of stress than any other generation on record. And we, as parents, are feeling the brunt of it as well. This presentation includes a brief overview of the neuroscience of stress and emphasizes the need for parents to focus on their own well-being. Dr. Kristen Race explores the unique stressors that today’s teens face, introduces brain-based, practical tools for understanding teens, and offers families simple strategies to build resilience and experience more joy during these challenging years.

The Neuroscience of Stress- How the stress response in the brain affects all of us, and ways we can help our teens build resilience to common stressors
Put on Your Oxygen Mask First – How we, as parents, influence the stress levels in the household and some tools to make our lives calmer 
Teen Brain Development – The latest research on the teen brain and how many of their most exasperating traits are also essential to their success as adults
Anxiety & Perfectionism– Simple tools and practices to combat anxiety and perfectionism in teens and adults
Family Adventures & Rituals - How to create family adventures in order to foster healthy connections and happiness

If you have an idea for a Town Hall Meeting please email it to

Best wishes for continued educational success!


Michael G. Shoaf