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We received information from the State Office of Budget and Management (OBM) over the course of the last week that will have a significant impact on the finances of our District.  The Rocky River City School District (RRCSD) is projected to have a $6,089,686 loss in funding from the state over the next four years.

  • Based on OBM projected amounts, the RRCSD is anticipated to lose 76.1 % of State Foundation Funding.  The district had anticipated and budgeted for an annual 15% ($190,616) reduction.   The new figures represent a loss in State Foundation Funding to our District of $2,623,779 over four years while some districts received increases in funding.
  • The Governor’s budget proposal calls for the Tangible Personal Property Tax reimbursement to be phased out on a much shorter timeline than what current Ohio law requires.  This is a loss of $2,698,888 to our District over four year versus our current projections.
  • The Governor’s budget proposal also calls for SB3/Electric Deregulation/KwH reimbursements to be phased out immediately for the RRCSD.  This is a loss of $767,020 to our District over four years. 

The bottom line for the RRCSD is a loss of $6,089,686 over the next four years.  

What can we do?
  • The District continues to review and implement budget reductions.
  • District administrators advocate for the RRCSD in meetings with our state legislators and the newly appointed Director of the Office of 21st Century Education, Robert Sommers.
  • The Rocky River Board of Education and Dr. Shoaf held a meeting for parents, staff and community members on April 19 to share information about the proposed budget cuts. Senator Patton and Representative Baker attended the meeting and promised to work to reduce the severe cuts.

Parent and community members are urged to contact their state legislators immediately to voice their concerns about these cuts and the impact they will have on our District.

With the House slated to vote on the budget bill in May, it is vital that you contact the below legislators NOW!

Ohio State Representative Nan Baker, District 16

77 S. High St., 12th Floor

Columbus, Ohio 43215 

Phone: (614) 466-0961; Email: District16@ohr.state.oh.us


Ohio State Senator Tom Patton, District 24

Senate Building

1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor 

Columbus, Ohio 43215 

Phone: (614) 466-8056; Email: SD24@senate.state.oh.us

Speaker of the House William Batchelder, District 69

77 S. High St., 14th Floor

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Phone: (614) 466-8140

Complete online email here

Ohio State Representative Ron Amstutz, District 3

Chair, Finance & Appropriations Committee

77 S. High St, 13th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215-6111

Phone: (614) 466-1474  

Complete online email here

Ohio State Representative John Carey, District 87

Vice Chair, Finance & Appropriations Committee

Chair, Primary and Secondary Education Subcommittee

77 S. High St
, 13th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215-6111

Phone(614) 466-1366 

Complete online email here

 Please address the following issues with our state legislators:

  1. Request a more balanced approach to state funding for our schools.
  2. Ask to slow down the accelerated loss of the Tangible Personal Property Tax and the SB3/Electric Deregulation/KwH reimbursements.
  3. Cap cuts to district at no more than 20% of the current State Foundation Funding.


Check here for answers to 
frequently asked questions 
about the budget cuts.


Community Meeting Presentation
This is a pdf of the PowerPoint Dr. Shoaf presented at the community meeting on April 19.
Sample Letter to Representatives
Use this sample letter to contact members of the House Finance & Appropriations Committee.
Sample Budget Letters
Use these sample letters to contact Senator Patton and Representative Baker with your concerns about the proposed state budget cuts.
TPP and SB3/Electric Deregulation/KwH
Phase-out of the Tangible Personal Property Tax and Public Utility Deregulation Replacement Payments
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