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Tuesday Night Practice w/ RRHS Band is October 3rd from 6:30-8:45 at RRHS 

Homecoming Itinerary for Friday, October 6th

NO LATER THAN 5:45- Meet in RRHS Auditorium, assemble instruments

MS parent chaperones get a chaperone tag

RRMS students get wristbands

6:15- Meet up with RRHS Band

March from RRHS to Stadium (playing Fight & Color on the way)

6:25- Drop off equipment/cases (if necessary) in North End Zone stands

Play selected songs (Sloopy?) from track

6:30- Line up on West track for “Script River”

March “Script River” with the high school band
Homecoming festivities/announcements

6:50- MS Band “crashes down” to West sideline and moves into North stands

6:55- RRMS Band reforms on sideline, and joins the RRHS Band to play National Anthem

7:00- Game starts and we will sit in the north end zone stands and play with the high school band

All students receive a small bottle of water from HS squad leader

2nd Quarter Warm-up time- RRMS Band warms up with HS Band then moves to home sideline

Halftime- Watch Valley Forge band from track

Line up on track to join RRHS Band in 2nd tune “Ride Like the Wind

3rd Quarter- RRMS Band goes through Hospitality line (Northeast corner of stadium), gets small snack

Socialize/eat snacks with HS bands
Chaperones posted on track for groups needing to use restroom

End of game- RRMS marches back to the HS with HS band

8th grade band puts away instruments, grab belongings from Auditorium

~9:30pm- RRMS students picked up from RRHS

Cheerleader Schedule

Parade with Band

Pregame with Band

After Pregame with Cheerleaders

1st/2nd Quarter with Cheerleaders

Halftime with Band

3rd Quarter option (snacks provided)

4th Quarter with Cheerleaders (optional)

End of game with Band

Back to RRHS with Band

8th Grade Band Listening
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Private Lessons

I highly encourage that all students take private lessons on their instrument . . . 

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Chair Auditions, pt. 2
Playing tests will take place 1/17-18 
Playing Quiz for 9/26-9/30
Fight & Color memorized    
Audition Repertoire
Selections for Chair Auditions on September 13th & 14th 
Playing Quiz for 1/19-1/21
The Concert Ab, Eb, Bb, F & C Major Scales (MEMORIZED) 
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