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RRMS & RRHS Students Compete in Honors Geometry Math Tournament

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – Rocky River High School and Rocky River Middle School students in Honors Geometry competed in the 3rd Annual Honors Geometry Math Tournament on Tuesday afternoon in the RRMS Media Center.

Students were broken up into teams of four with a majority of teams consisting of two students from RRMS and two students from RRHS on each team. Close to 60 students participated in the event where teams solved 31 challenging math problems selected from the ACT, Air and Ohio Council of Teachers Mathematics tests.

In order to solve the problems, students applied Geometry concepts with their teammates.

The tournament was once again organized by math teachers Joanne Ritschel and Brittany Morris and is used to help students gain exposure and a better understanding to develop skills in solving problems they will see on tests in the future.

The first place team consisted of RRMS students Gianna Miller and Olivia Fietkiewicz and RRHS students Sarah Saad and Charlie Movius.

Two teams tied for second place. Students from RRHS on the runner-up teams were Nathan Budge, Adam Cain and Maggie Sweeney, while Alice Situ, Diba Vazirian, Gigi Konrad, Sabrina Bucaro and Meghan Durkin represented RRMS.