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Super Improver Wall

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Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for supporting your child’s success in school. To best meet student needs, we will be starting an in-class behavior/motivation program, “The Super Improver’s Wall”.

The Super Improver’s Wall is a leveled program that motivates students to improve beyond their current academic and/or behavior performance. Each student is trying to move up to the top level by showing improvement. (Improvement can be displayed in a variety of ways; learning sight words, working neatly, participating in class, etc.). This is not a race with other students. Students will focus on their own progression and improvement.

Every student will start with a grey star chart -the color of the star charts will reflect what level they are on. Once they have earned 10 stars by showing improvement, students will move up to the next color level. There are special surprises at different levels. Each time a student moves up a level he/she will get to put up his/her new star chart and take the old one home to show you.

Our levels are

  • ·Beginner (grey)
  • Learner (red)
  • Leader (orange)
  • Rising Star (yellow)
  • MVP (green)
  • Scholar (light blue)
  • Pro (dark blue)
  • Legend (light pink)
  • Expert (dark pink)
  • Master (purple)

I am very excited about this program, which will take effect starting next week. Thanks again for your continued support. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Yours for children,

Janine Walsh