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Monday - "Read All About Me" form: Click on the the Star above to see this form. Send it in so we can read it to the class!
Tuesday - Favorite Book: Your child can bring in his/her favorite book to share with the class.
Wednesday - Parent Letter: Parents will write a letter to the class telling us how special your child is to you.
Thursday - Sharing Sack: Your child can choose 3 special items to bring to school to share with the class (a special toy, photo, memorable souvenir).
Friday - Star Student Book: Your child will be presented with a special book created by his/her classmates.
 Star Student Schedule
Week of:                           Student
Sept. 25                                                Evangeline
Oct. 2                                                    Dominic
Oct. 9                                                     Sofie
Oct.16                                                   Anna
Oct. 23                                                  Julia
Oct. 30                                                  Joshua
Nov. 13                                                 Jonah
Nov. 27                                                 Sienna
Dec. 4                                                   Luke
Dec. 11                                                Isabelle
Jan. 8                                                   Jillian
Jan. 22                                                Anar
Jan. 29                                                Jimmy
Feb. 5                                                 George
Feb. 12                                               Colette
Feb. 20                                               Quinn 
Feb. 26                                               Claire
March 5                                             Winnie
March 12                                          Brielle
March 19                                          Alyssa
March 26                                          Riley
April 16                                             Will
April 23                                             Noah
April 30                                             Allison