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Senior Project
Senior Project Advisors - Candace McMahon , and Joanne Ritschel,
This sheet is used to record your hours while working on Senior Project. Your Community Sponsor is required to confirm your hours and sign off on the form.
This form must be completed and signed by your Community Sponsor and turned in with your Project Application.
This form needs to be signed by parents/guardians and turned in with your Project Application.
The Project Calendar is to be submitted with your Senior Project Application. The calendar should include approximate times and dates that will be scheduled for Senior Project. The calendar should show totals for the 25 hour/week requirement. The calendar should also include school activities for which you will be attending outside of Senior Project. The calendar is a communication tool for you and your Community Sponsor and must be signed by your Community Sponsor.
The handbook provides a detailed description of the Senior Project process including the roles and responsibilities of the student , Faculty Advisor, and Community Sponsor.
Provides a timeline for Senior Project requirements, meetings and events.
This document provides a script that the student can use when contacting a potential Senior Project Community Sponsor. The script needs to be refined for the particular contact, but the outline is provided to get you started.
List of past community sponsors
This is a list of Community Sponsors students have worked with on past projects. There is no guarantee that the sponsor is currently available.