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Board Information: June 2015
Attachments Available To Download:
Notice of Special Board Meeting_06-02-15
Special Board Meeting Agenda 6-2-15
Notice of Special Board Meeting_06-08-15
Special Board Meeting Agenda_06-08-15
Notice of Change of Meeting Time and Location_06-10-15
Committee-of-the-Whole Agenda
Notice of Special Board Meeting_06-11-15
Special Board Meeting Agenda_06-11-15
Notice of Change of Date of June Board Meeting
Notice of Change of Date of Finance Committee Meeting
Committee-of-the-Whole Highlights
Board of Education Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting Update
Special Board Meeting Minutes_6-2-15
Special Board Meeting Minutes_6-8-15
Special Board Meeting Minutes_6-11-15
Committee Meeting Minutes
Finance Meeting Minutes
Board Meeting Minutes