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Snowman Shuffle Comes to KIS
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The entire student body at Kensington Intermediate School is getting some exercise! Third, fourth, and fifth graders will participate in the school's first-ever Snowman Shuffle on Wednesday morning, December 16.

"I threw an idea around with the other fourth grade math teachers to do something fun this week," explains fourth-grade teacher Cheryl Zenko. "My original idea was to build gingerbread houses and teach geometry at the same time. Mr. Judson suggested doing something active and the idea just took off from there. It was a great idea and much better than gingerbread houses."

Once Mrs. Zenko approached PTA president Laura Lazzaro with the idea, Mrs. Lazzaro got to work. She arranged for each classroom to have its own running parent volunteer, plus more volunteers to help with water, checkpoints, pacing, and more. A total of nearly fifty parents will help make the Snowman Shuffle a reality. 

Additionally, teachers and staff will join in, as will members of the Rocky River police force, who will help with traffic. The route will begin and end from the school's Falmouth parking lot, with a winding path based around Beach Cliff Boulevard. It's a great opportunity for the students to get outside and burn off some of their pre-holiday excited energy, as well as to learn that physical fitness can be a fun, social activity. 

Mrs. Zenko is thrilled to see how quickly the entire school, as well as the Rocky River community, rallied around the idea for this inaugural event. "Todd Murphy has been so supportive of our initiative," she says, "along with Dr. Shoaf and the whole administrative team. We couldn't have done it without the support of the RRPD and Chief Stillman. We are so thankful for our PTA President Laura Lazzaro and all of the many parents who are volunteering their time, especially during such a busy time of year."