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6th GRADE NEWEST NOTES (Beyond 2016):.....MINERALS

Mineral Vocabulary Words

1.) Mineral - a naturally occurring solid that has a definite chemical formula and crystal shape

2.) Crystal - a repeating pattern of structure - atoms and molecules are arranged in a repeating shape. Salt (halite) has a cubic crystal.

3.) Luster - the way light reflects off the surface of a mineral

4.) Cleavage - when a mineral breaks along smooth, flat directions or lines

5.) Fracture - when a mineral breaks along uneven, jagged directions or lines.

6.) Hardness - the ability of a mineral to resist being scratched (from 1 - 10)

7.) Moh's Scale of Hardness - A scale from 1 -10 that ranks how hard a mineral is to scratch. 1 is the softest which is talc and 10 is the hardest which is diamond.

8.) Streak - the color of the powder left by a mineral when rubbed against a hard surface

9.) Geology - The study of rocks and minerals.

10.) Inorganic - A word to describe something that is non-living, often means that it does not contain the element carbon.

11.) Organic - something that is living or once living, often means that it contains the element carbon.