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Motion & Energy Vocabulary

1. Energy :The  ability to do work or cause a change.
2. Kinetic Energy: The energy of moving things.
3. Potential Energy: Energy an object has due to an object’s position or condition.
4. Elastic Potential Energy Energy an object has that is stretched or compressed.
5. Gravitational Potential Energy Potential energy due to the height of an object and the force of gravity acting on the object.
6. Mechanical Energy: The potential and kinetic energy of a moving object.
7. Sound Energy: Energy caused by the vibration of particles in a medium.
8. Electromagnetic Energy The energy in light waves, microwaves, infrared radiation and
ultraviolet waves.
9. Electrical Energy: Energy of moving electrons which creates electricity and currents.
10.Chemical Energy: The energy a substance has due to the chemical bonds that hold
it together.
11.Thermal Energy: The energy of the particles in a substance or material.
12.Nuclear Energy: Potential energy stored in the nucleus of an atom. Caused by the forces
holding the parts of the atom together.
13.Energy Transformation: Takes place when energy changes from one form into another.
14.Law of conservation of Energy:  Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change
15.Position: Describes the location of an object
16.Reference Point: An object or location used for comparison to determine if an object is in
17.Motion: A change in position over time.
18.Distance: The amount of space between 2 objects or points.
19.Speed: A measure of how far something moves in a given amount of time.
20.Average Speed: A way to calculate the speed of an object that isn’t moving at a constant rate.
Formula = distance/time
21.Velocity: The speed and direction of an object.