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Science Olympiad Teams Have Successful Showing at Westlake
January 13, 2023

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio - The Rocky River High School and Middle Schools Science Olympiad teams had a successful showing at the 10th Annual Westlake Science Olympiad Invitational on January 7. The team placed first in the Northern Region and 18th overall. In addition, the squad earned several awards at the Invitational.


  • 1st in Ping Pong Parachute (Morgan Way/Daniel Achour)
  • 2nd in Flight (Rasmy Shahin/Daniel Achour)
  • 5th in Chemistry Lab (Morgan Way/Alice Situ)
  • 5th in Optics (Sophia Vasiloff/Mel Harmath)
  • 5th in Mystery Architecture (Morgan Way/Rasmy Shahin)
  • 8th in It's About Time (Evan Lei/Rasmy Shahin)
  • 9th in Scrambler (Daniel Achour/Mel Harmath)
Other notable scores and finishes included:

  • 16th in Cell Biology (Alice Situ/Evan Mathewson)
  • 17th in Codebusters (Evan Lei/Alice Situ/Beatrix Stickney)
  • 18th in Environmental Chemistry (Sophia Vasiloff/Beatrix Stickney)
  • 18th in Experimental Design (Evan Lei/Daniel Achour/Izzy Pangrace)
  • 18th in Forensics (Morgan Way/Beatrix Stickney)
  • 18th in Trajectory (Daniel Achour/Rasmy Shahin)
  • 19th in Fermi Questions (Evan Lei/Daniel Achour)
  • 19th in Write It-Do It (Morgan Way/Ben Sakai)

  • 2nd in Ping Pong Parachute
  • 2nd in Write-it/Do-It
  • 5th in Ping Pong Parachute
  • 5th in Rocks and Minerals
The Science Olympiad teams will continue with events in January and February, leading up to the regional competition on March 4 at Baldwin Wallace. This year's Science Olympiad state tournament is scheduled for April 29 at The Ohio State University.