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BYOD Information for RRHS Students
Students whose parents have given permission for them to use a personal device on the BYOD network may access it using the following login information:

Username: the first part of your email district address
(Example: If your email is - you would use 14smith.john)

Password: Use your 6 digit Student ID
Note: NEVER share your Student ID with anyone else or they will be able to access your Google Apps account, your email and logon to a computer as you.


  • Q: I can't login to the BYOD network
  • A: Make sure that your parent gave permission for you to use a personal device on the BYOD network.  This would have been done when they completed the online forms at the beginning of the year.  If your parent did not give permission then, but they wish to do so now, please download and print the BYOD Agreement form below, complete it and return it to the RRHS office.

  • Q: I know I have permission to use the network, but my device won't connect.
  • A #1:  It sometimes takes 2 or 3 tries to connect to the network.  If you have tried 2 or 3 times and still have no luck, please use the link below to submit a help request.  You will receive an email response within a few days.
  • A #2: Try turning off your device and restarting it.
  • A #3: If you were previously connected to a wireless network at RRH on an iPhone or iPad, click on "Forget this Network" and then try connecting to the BYOD network.

Attachments Available To Download:
BYOD Agreement Form