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Little Free Library

For those of you who are unfamiliar with how a Little Free Library works, here is some general information about how these libraries operate.

· What is this library about? A Little Free Library offers a way to share good things to read (i.e., favorite books from your childhood or books you would recommend to friends; books that teach, intrigue and engage you.) All of us can help by keeping this collection stocked with good reading material.

· Whose library is this? This library belongs to everybody! The students, our neighbors, friends of the community, and people we don’t even know yet hold equal stock in this library. Anyone can use it and that is why it is so important that we take care of it.

· Take a book. If you see something you would like to read, take it. Look inside and see who donated the book.

· Share it. When you are done reading your book, return your book to any Little Library or pass it on to a friend.

· Give books. Donate a new or used book and leave notes in the book you donated. Be a friend of all libraries by helping any way you can. Pay it forward!

The Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that has been honored by the Library of Congress, the National Book Foundation, and the American Library Association. Each year, nearly 10 million books are shared in Little Free Libraries.

To learn more about the Little Free Library movement, please visit

Also, please direct questions or concerns to Ms. Ryan ( who is serving as the current steward of the library.