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Science Olympiad Regional Competition
1st place: 
Grace and Samantha, Microbe Mission
2nd place: 
Grace and Max, Fast Facts
Daniel and Joey, Towers
Evan and Will B, Geek Speak
Bella and Sasha, Write It, Do It
3rd place: 
Greg and Erik, Towers
Owen and Erik, Rocks and Minerals
4th place:
Joey and Laith, Battery Buggy
Laith, Grace, and Morgan, Experimental Design
Morgan and Laith, Mystery Architecture
Ethan and Daniel, Roller Coaster
5th place: 
Laith and Joey, Hovercraft
6th place: 
Audrey and Ella G, Anatomy and Physiology
Max and Paul, Rocks and Minerals
Ella R and Max, Solar System
Ana and Cora, Geek Speak
7th place:
Cora and Alia, Crime Busters
Ana and Paul, Ecology
Guillaume and Wyatt, Herpetology
8th place: 
Brianna, Battery Buggy
Ana and Samantha, Optics
Ella G and Audrey, Potions and Poisons
Morgan and Ella R, Road Scholar
Morgan and Daniel, Wright Stuff