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2015 Play-Off Game #1 11/6/15

First, congratulations to the members and coaches of the RRHS football team! It's a great accomplishment to get into the OHSAA playoffs.

As for the members of the RRHS Marching Band -- Under current OHSAA rules, Marching Bands are invited/expected, to be part of post-season events. Here are some guidelines to consider:

1. It is an honor to be invited to be part of the OHSAA post-season. RRHS treats it as such and makes it a goal to make the experience special.

2. All Marching Band members are expected to be part of this performance if no conflict exists.

3. As the post-season events by definition fall “post-season,” the band staff is fully aware that some students may have previously scheduled commitments. There are college visits, family visits, appointments, etc.  After carefully weighing commitments vs. desires, it is up to the individual students and their families to determine if the OHSAA playoff event is an “either/or” for their given situation or if it can be a “both” for their given situation.

4. Whatever choice is made, the band staff must be informed. Given that the performance was not known 30 days in advance, meeting the RRCS Music Dept. Performance Policy is obviously not possible. Mr. Taylor greatly appreciates and has now responded to all emails received regarding playoff attendance.  

Here are some logistical items for this week’s playoff game as currently planned:

1. The game will be played at Toledo Central Catholic High School: 2550 Cherry Street, Toledo, Ohio 43608.

2. As we will be on a very tight after school schedule, the preliminary loading process will begin during first period class.

- Uniforms distributed and placed in garment bags draped over each person's chair

- Hats/Berets placed on each person's chair

- Raincoats rolled and water bottles distributed - Gig bags and placed under each person's chair

3. The MB and Cheerleaders will begin the actual loading process at RRHS immediately after school.  [students will not leave campus at the end of the regular school day]

- 2:45: Chaperones move towers to hallway

- 2:55: Chaperones in Commons for meal

- 3:08: Two Chaperones stationed at towers for school dismissal

- 3:15: Instrumentalists load towers, change into "under uniform wear" including shoes & black socks 

- 3:15-3:35: Auxiliaries in commons for meal

- 3:20-3:45: Instrumentalist in commons for meal

- 3:25-3:55: Chaperones load trailer

- 3:35: Auxiliaries to locker room. Change into body suits, tights, boots, etc. Have sweats or black pants.

- 3:50: All students return to band room to retrieve uniform parts

- 3:55: All students head to busses

- 4:00: Depart RRHS

4. The school is providing a meal for the MB and cheerleaders which will take place during the loading process at RRHS.  The meal is being catered by Pelicano's Pizza.  Menu items will include Chicken, Meatless Pasta, and Salad.  Additional choices have been arranged for our select few band members with medically mandated dietary needs.

5.  We will travel to Toledo via Rocky River School Busses.

6. The MB will perform a halftime show as well as various stand cheers and chants to support the team and represent RRHS.

7. There will be a hospitality snack available in Toledo.

8. We plan to return to RRHS between 12:30 – 1:00 AM.

The RRHS Bands made a playoff trip to this exact destination in 2009 ad 2014. Even though the team did not win, The Rocky River Schools did their best to make sure the events were memorable and positive for everyone.