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‘Stick Dog’ Author Visits Goldwood for Two Assemblies
5/15/2019, 3:26:10 PM

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – A stick figure pup paid a special visit to Goldwood Primary School on Wednesday as author Tom Watson brought his ‘Stick Dog’ series of books to a pair of assemblies in the Goldwood Room.

Stick Dog is the leader of a group of stray dogs which include a dachshund named Karen, a poodle named Poo-Poo, Stripes who is a Dalmatian and Mutt. The nine stories and adventures include Stick Dog Chases a Pizza, Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream, Stick Dog Craves Candy, Stick Dog Crashes a Party, Stick Dog Slurps Spaghetti and the newest release, Stick Dog Gets the Tacos.

During his visit, Watson gave an interactive presentation as he shared stories, talked to the students about his books, how he writes, why he decided to become an author and illustrator and even gave Stick Dog drawing lessons for all five dogs.

On his website, Watson notes, “The Stick Dog series encourages reading – by making kids laugh. There’s more than just fun and adventure with Stick Dog and his crazy canine pals. Readers will also find advanced vocabulary, a distinct narrative voice and important lessons about friendship, trust, patience and inclusion.”

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