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OMEA Districts at Mentor 2018

Dear Parents and Concert Band Members,

The Rocky River High School Concert Band will be performing at the OMEA District VII Adjudicated Event on Friday, March 9, 2018.  The event will take place at Mentor High School in the Performing Arts Center (PAC).  All parents and friends are not only invited, but encouraged to attend and be part of the audience.  Bands and choruses from throughout northeast Ohio will be playing and singing as part of this event.  Each group will be appraised and graded by a panel of three stage judges and one sight-reading judge.  Formal critiques are made and ratings are given.

The Concert Band will perform in the Mentor PACat 5:00 PM on 3/19. [Note the Wind Ensemble performs at 9:10 PM in the Mentor PAC].  Please leave ample time to arrive and be seated as OMEA regulations do not allow for entry to the performance venue once a group’s stage time has started.  Also, please do not bring cameras [still or video], or any other type of recording device as these items are forbidden by OMEA Rules.  All cell phones must be silenced or turned off as well; and, of course, no cell phone pictures or recordings are allowed either.  Failure to comply with the items in this paragraph could result in disqualification for all RRCS entries. Disqualifications were levied against area schools in 2016 & 2017 so please heed this warning.

Below is the complete itinerary for the district adjudicated performance.  If you have any questions, please email Mr. Komperda  Thank you for your continued support of music education at Rocky River High School.


Kirk Taylor & Mike Komperda

RRHS Bands

 You are encouraged to eat a good lunch at school on Friday as you will be leaving loading at 2:30 and leaving at 3:00.  You will not have an opportunity to eat again until about 6:10 pm after the sightreading session. You may wish to bring a small amount of money as concessions will be available at that time.


8:45 AM                  All Instruments (except flutes and clarinets) to assigned instrument towers. Percussion Section leaders pack necessary equipment noting what items are shared with the WE percussion section. ALL INSTRUMENTS (except WE flutes and clarinets) TRAVEL TO MENTOR WITH THE CONCERT BAND CARAVAN THAT DEPARTS RRHS AT 3:00 PM.


2:30 PM                                    Report to RRHS Music Wing (dress in black/white), 

                                                   - flutes/clarinets retrieve personal instruments

                                                   -   All retrieve Music Binders

2:50 PM                                    Load busses

3:00 PM                                    Depart for Mentor HS

4:00 PM                                    Arrive at Mentor.  Unload and head directly to homeroom

4:15 PM                                    Time for restrooms and unpacking instruments from cases

4:25  PM                                    Line up & Depart for warm –up room

4:30 PM                                    Warm up [perc. section will be called out to set up performance stage]

5:00 PM                                    Performance in Mentor PAC – All The Best

                                                 (Public invited  - please see information above)

5:30 PM                                    Sight Reading room

6:00 PM                                    Return to homeroom  - pack up cases on towers

6:10 PM                                           Load crew packs trailer (unless directed to leave towers in HR)

                                    Others to cafeteria

6:20 PM                                    Load busses

6:30 PM                                    Depart for RRHS

7:15 PM                                    Arrive RRHS, unpack bus (Trailer to return after WE)