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Rocky River to Initiate Energy Savings Infrastructure Project

Based on the results of an energy efficiency audit, the Rocky River City School District is poised to begin a $2.3 million building infrastructure project that could net about $128,000 in savings annually.

Karpinski Engineering in Cleveland conducted the audit during the past year, examining heating and air conditioning units to lighting. Their findings will result in a project that will address lighting and mechanical system upgrades at several buildings that will increase building efficiency, thermal comfort and energy conservation.

Rocky River High School (RRHS), Rocky River Middle School (RRMS), Kensington Intermediate School and Goldwood Primary School will have LED lighting upgrades that will replace fixtures from the 1990s.

At RRHS, the project also includes replacement of a rooftop mechanical unit on the field house. At RRMS the main gym HVAC mechanical unit and the chiller will be replaced. Boilers at Goldwood and a rooftop HVAC mechanical unit that services the music room are slated for replacement. Kensington will have plumbing and miscellaneous boiler items serviced.

Facilities Supervisor Adam Sywanyk said the scope of the project will add automation controls to HVAC systems and recommission existing controls to optimize systems across the district.

“The goal is reducing the energy usage by upgrading to LED fixtures, replacing outdated equipment, and optimizing heating and cooling schedules,” Sywanyk said.

Treasurer/CFO Greg Markus said the project will be funded through the permanent improvement fund, which will pay down a 12-year term lease.

Work is expected to begin during Spring Break, with the bulk of the project scheduled for summer. The district expects to award a contract for work in late March or early April.