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Dear Parents,

Kindergarten homework is designed to foster a home/school connection with learning skills and themes and to establish a foundation for good work habits. Structured activities give parents the opportunity to help their child develop skills and learning dispositions (behaviors and attitudes). Children enter kindergarten with different abilities and experiences. All kindergarten homework has an element of flexibility so that parents may modify the task to fit the needs of the child.

Your child will have homework to be completed Monday through Thursday. It will be sent home with the Friday Folder and should be returned back to school on the following Friday via the Daily Folder/Backpack Folder.

 Please have your child use a pencil (not pen, markers, or crayons unless the directions state to use them) to print his/her name and all letters and numbers.

Reading to your child using the “Take Home Book Program” as well as practicing the sight words each night is to be included as an additional part of each child’s daily homework.  The Take Home Book Program will start after November conferences.

We encourage parents to praise their child’s work each night. We do believe that parents’ words of support are the single most important way to motivate children to do well in school. If your child is having difficulty completing the homework, we ask that you take a few moments to review the related skills.

Thank you for your help and support at home! It’s going to be a great year!

The Kindergarten TeamJ