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Welcome to Music
With Mrs. Mahoney! 
Recorder Video Testing
Each time we have a recorder playing test you can choose to take your test by having mom or dad video tape you playing your test at home and then emailing it to me at!  
By taking your test this way you can avoid having to play in front of the class, you can re tape your video as many times as you want until you get the song perfect, and you can earn extra credit by sending me the video!
Your video must be received before music class the week of the test! I will respond to the email to let you know that I have received it!  Happy playing! 
Extra Credit Opportunities
Fill out this paper if you attend any musical performance.
Compose an 8 measure song using the notes we have learned on the recorder and perform your song for the class. This is worth 15 points extra credit!
Research a composer of your choice and come up with 10 facts about them. Facts should be about the composers life, music and musical career. This is worth 10 points if you just turn it in and worth 15 points if you share your facts with the class!
Online Resources
The following are links that will help you with your music skills.  Please ask mom and dad before you navigate the internet.
Follow these six steps when practicing a song on the recorder! 
1.  Clap and Say the rhythm
2.  Identify all of the note names
3.  Finger each not with out blowing
4.  Play song
5. Fix Problems
6. Play a song