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Pass It Forward
Posted 12/14/2009 at 6:40:39 PM by Timothy Shreve [staff member]
Do something nice for someone that you would not usually do.  Explain what you did and how it made you feel.  Will you try pass it forward again?  You are incredible kids with great ideas.  I am very excited to hear your stories!  Mr. Shreve
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Yiana Tjotjos
Posted 3/19/2010 at 11:35:25 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Today, I helped by cleaning up the third floor. I also took my dog on a really long walk and it was very bencifal for his health. I really felt good about it. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Grace Wilhelmy
Posted 3/19/2010 at 11:34:21 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Today, I helped my parents get ready for dinner because we were having my cousins over so my cousin Ellis, beau, yiana , and me played under the table we had fun i'll definetly do it again!
Sara W
Posted 3/10/2010 at 11:33:48 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I was cleaning my moms room because she makes me do it and my mom wasn't home so when she asked me if i cleaned her and i said yes so will defintly will pass it forward.
Madison Kearns:)
Posted 3/9/2010 at 11:51:02 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Last week I helped my mom have a longer and better dinner because I took my shower before she got home and started to make some pasta. She was so surprised when she got home and I felt really good. I would do it again, for sure.
Grace Wilhelmy
Posted 3/9/2010 at 11:50:32 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I wrote to my grandma when she was sick. It made me feel good and I will definitely do it again.
Peter W
Posted 3/9/2010 at 11:33:14 AM by [anonymous visitor]
As I was walking down the streeet today I saw a small wallet. so I picked it up and in it was 230$ in cash a creidt card and a drivers liceinse.I looked up wondering what to d and about 50ft. ahead of me was the woman on the liceinse. I heisite. But I ran up and gave the wallet to her. She told me thank you very much. It made me feel really really good knowing I did the right thing.
Taylor Feaster
Posted 2/26/2010 at 3:09:13 PM by [anonymous visitor]
I help my mom get change. I did it because it helped her out and because I wanted to. I want to help out again soon.
Brandon Schumacker
Posted 2/24/2010 at 3:08:20 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today I wanted to make my sister happy, so I baked perogies for her for dinner. I do not prefer perogies, but I wanted to make my sister happy! This made me feel good inside, because I knew I had done something nice.
Posted 2/21/2010 at 3:12:57 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today, I helped my mom do the wash.She had a lot on her plate so, it I made me feel great to do it.I will pass it on.
emily m.
Posted 2/17/2010 at 3:11:06 PM by [anonymous visitor]
One day i was home alone with my sister and we decided to clean the whole house, t made me feel happy because when my parents got home they were proud of us. I would certainly do this again in the future and maybe even something different next time.
Andy Oster
Posted 2/17/2010 at 3:10:32 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Last Friday my dad told my brother to go get the wood from the backyard but i did it for him. It made me feel good. I wouldn't do it again because my brother didn't even notice that I did it and he yelled at me.
Jessica Z.
Posted 2/16/2010 at 10:42:25 AM by [anonymous visitor]
One day, I helped my family cook dinner. I helped make the sauce for the spaghetti and boil the pasta. Even though I didn't need to, I also set the table and washed all of the dishes. Not only that, but I prepared the dessert for that night. It was brownies with powdered sugar. My parents were so proud of me that night.
Angela Pujolas
Posted 2/11/2010 at 10:42:33 AM by [anonymous visitor]
One day I was doing nothing except for cleaning. My family always has this day where we all clean our rooms and the house. What I did was make my bed, put cloths away, ect. But, my sister wasn't home to clean her room. So I did for her I put her cloths away and made her bed. Then my Dad was down stairs in the kitchen with my Mom. So I decided to clean their room too! I made their bed. Lastly when my sister got home and my parents went upstairs they saw their rooms! They said "Who did this?" I said "ME!!" They were all proud of me and I will pass it on!!!:)
Posted 1/19/2010 at 8:52:38 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Today I helped clean the house without being asked.My parents were very happy with what I did.It felt good to do something nice for my family.
Aaron Kosmerl
Posted 1/15/2010 at 8:49:17 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I helped my dad shovel the snow today. I usually don't do this because I think it's too cold outside. I felt very good about doing this so I think I'll do it a couple more times. (if we get enough snow)
Anna Jaffe
Posted 1/14/2010 at 8:48:54 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I cleaned my house while my parents were gone. It made me feel good. I will pass it on.
Lily R
Posted 1/13/2010 at 8:48:33 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Today i helped my mom wash dishes and load the dishwasher. I felt very good about it because I knew she liked me helping her. I will hope and try to pass it on!! :]
Jesse Zucker
Posted 1/12/2010 at 8:48:18 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I helped my mom with laundry and make Christmas Eve dinner. I loved making desert, it was a cake! The day after I woke up early and went to my grandma's house and went to help her cook Christmas dinner! I help people a lot.
Briar Golladay
Posted 1/12/2010 at 8:47:55 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Over the weekend I put 20 dollars in the donation bin at my church. It made me feel happy because I knew it was going to somebody who needed it more than me. I think if we all did that the world would be a much happier place. I will pass it on!
Michael Snow
Posted 1/12/2010 at 8:47:34 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Something I did was help clean up my brother's room because he and I are always getting in trouble for our rooms. It felt great because he and I had the relief of not being yelled at. I will definatley do that again!
Sophie M.
Posted 1/11/2010 at 8:45:26 AM by [anonymous visitor]
The other day I did something very nice that no one in my family expected me to do. Well, it wasn't just me. Both my older sister and I decided to surprise my mom by shoveling the driveway before she got home. At this time of day it was snowing like crazy and we knew that when my mom would get home from the grocery store she would have to park in the street since the snow was so high. To prevent this, we put on our winter coats and went out and shoveled. By the time our mom got home we were done and inside the house. Sadly, my mom didn't really notice that the driveway was shoveled, but once we told her she was REALLY happy. Even without her knowing, my sister and I still felt happy inside since we knew we had done a good thing. I would definitely do that again because of the way it made me feel inside and the way it made my mom so proud of us! I like it when I make people happy!
Evie T.
Posted 1/10/2010 at 11:42:00 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I helped my mother clean the house and put away all the Christmas decorations. This really helped her very much and made me feel really good.
Dana W
Posted 1/10/2010 at 11:41:36 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Today, I calmed my sister down when she got REALLY mad. I hate to see her so angry. It made me feel happy because I don't want the day to be ruined just because my sister was mad. It turned out it was because she didn't like having plain pasta.(She never wants to try any kind of sauce) I told her that she could mix something in with it, to make it taste more interesting.
Visiting my relatives
Posted 1/10/2010 at 11:40:55 AM by [anonymous visitor]
On Christmas break, I went to visit my relatives in a nursing home. They were so happy to see me. Now, I am going to try to visit them at least twice a month. I also want to send her cards and pictures.
Emily N
Posted 1/10/2010 at 11:40:04 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Something I did was in the morning my little brother was yelling for my mom but she didn't hear him so I got up to see what was wrong. He said he had a nightmare so I told him the things in his dream weren't real. It made me feel great and made me realize I'm his big sister and if something ever happened I'd be there for him. I would and will pass it forward again if anything ever happens
Nicole Auvil
Posted 1/10/2010 at 11:38:43 AM by [anonymous visitor]
One nice thing I did was help my little sister learn how to use an iPod. I felt really good after i did it because Stephanie LOVED listening to songs, she sung along! It was so cute because she didn't know the words so she just murmered. I will definately do this again, and pass it on to others!
Jack Rodgers
Posted 1/9/2010 at 11:38:00 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Last week, I cleaned up the house while my parents were made me feel really nice inside. I am definately going to pass this on!
Madeline L
Posted 1/8/2010 at 11:37:44 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I let my brother sit in the front seat when he was having a bad day. It made me feel good inside for trying to make him feel better. I will definitely pass it on.
Maeve W.
Posted 1/8/2010 at 11:37:22 AM by [anonymous visitor]
The other day I wrote my grandma a letter hoping she had had a nice Christmas, and telling her how excited I am to go to the art museum. My grandma lives alone and gets lonely from time to time so it made me feel good to write to her. I am going to continue to write her. I hope she writes back.
Posted 1/8/2010 at 11:36:49 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I shoveled the driveway for my dad. I wouldn't normally do it because are driveway is really icy. I would do it again because my dad was really proud of me.
Tommy C
Posted 1/7/2010 at 8:23:09 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Today I helped my parents by loading the dishwasher. I felt very good about it. I would like to do it again because I felt good about doing it.
Shuchi S.
Posted 1/7/2010 at 8:22:47 AM by [anonymous visitor]
When I used to live in a apartment one in the park, with a couple of my friends we picked up trash. I felt really good becouse it helps the enviroment. I would love to pass it on.
Eric U.
Posted 1/7/2010 at 8:22:09 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I helped my mom prepare for our New Year's Eve party. When we finished setting up for our New Year's Eve party it made me feel good because my mom had a big smile on her face and I knew she felt relieved. I would help my mom set up for our New Year's Eve Party all over again.
Enxhi J.
Posted 1/7/2010 at 8:21:34 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I once helped a person who I really didn't like get up with her books. Then I figured it's better to at least to be friends with someone than hate them. It felt really good and I think that I'll do it again from time to time.
Jack Brant
Posted 1/6/2010 at 8:21:05 AM by [anonymous visitor]
My sister apparently "needed" something from the library and the Dollar Tree, so I volunteered to take her up to those places when I was going to go to my friends house. I also helped my 3 year old brother write a letter to Santa Claus (Obviously he can't write. I don't do these thins often, but they "needed" them.
A. Gluntz
Posted 1/6/2010 at 8:18:38 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Over break, we had 2 small neighbors over. I helped them play Wii. I felt good because they were so happy while they were playing. :-/
Tom Anderton
Posted 1/6/2010 at 8:18:08 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I did the laundry, even though my brother was supposed to do it with me. It made me feel good because I was helping my family. I would probably do the laundry by myself again.
Siwei W.
Posted 1/5/2010 at 8:06:35 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I helped my friend clean up his room. It was FULL of junk. That took us an hour, but then we could even sleep.
L. Banks
Posted 1/5/2010 at 8:06:11 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I did something nice for my mom recently. My mom was sick, and my grandpa was coming into to town. She had to get the guest room ready. Which was the process of: putting sheets on the bed, dusting, setting the heat, e.t.c.... She was pale and fell asleep on the couch. I felt horrible. So I went up to the guest room and did everything for her. I felt great inside. I would do that for anyone from that point on. It felt great!
Alison B.
Posted 1/5/2010 at 8:05:25 AM by [anonymous visitor]
I helped my brother clean his room. It made me feel good because my brother was happy that I had helped him. I will really try to pass it forward again.
Grace Janosik
Posted 1/5/2010 at 8:04:56 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Yesterday I helped my sister with her homework. When I help her my mom is very happy and proud because it is hard for her to have to come home, make dinner, than later find out that my sister's homework isn't done. It made me feel good because I knew it was helping my mom and putting less stress on her. Yesterday I also started our dinner for my mom and she really appreciated it because she was coming home late and we would be eating later if I hadn't started it. It also made me feel good for the same reasons.
Elliott Moreau
Posted 1/5/2010 at 8:00:49 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Just the first day back from winter break someone was carrying books and supplies to their next class, when they dropped their stuff! then, I went to go help pick them up. when i finished he said ,"thanks!" it felt good to do something nice!
Hannah M.
Posted 1/4/2010 at 8:00:07 AM by [anonymous visitor]
My grandma and grandpa own a bakery in Fairview Park. With it being Christmas time and the new year, it was very busy. I would offer every day over break to go up to their store and help them bag chocolate, mix sprinkles, and take inventory while they were in the front handling customors. I also helped by answering phone calls they got and bag items that customers bought while my grandma was baking or icing cakes. They definately appreciated it and I am always happy to help again, any time.
Alex Lenhart
Posted 1/3/2010 at 7:59:04 AM by [anonymous visitor]
On the day after Christmas, I helped deliver poinsettas to elderly church members. Everyone was surprised to receive them and were happy. It made me feel good to make their Christmas' better. I hope to do this next year.
Kim Taylor
Posted 1/2/2010 at 8:15:18 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Over the holiday break I went to Morley Park and cleaned up a bunch of garbage with my friend Michelena. Well it was really boxes in garbage bags. We then took it to the dumpster to well you know dump. I was really excited when we went into a near by store and asked the dude running it for garbage bags after explaining what we were doing. Michelena and I are planning to maybe make a monthly trip down there to clean up the mess that I hypothesize that it will keep growing. Other than my hands freezing and going numb it was great and successful.
Michelena Ballas
Posted 1/2/2010 at 8:07:36 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Over the holiday break,I went to Morley Park and picked up trash with my friend Kim. Really all we picked up was frozen boxes that we had to kick to get them off the ground. I felt good about this because now I know that people can go to the park without tripping over a box. Kim and I plan to do this every month to keep the park clean so others can enjoy it just as we do.
Zoe D
Posted 1/1/2010 at 4:52:37 PM by [anonymous visitor]
I helped clean the basement before my cousins came over today. My parents really appreciated it since they were busy getting brunch ready. I was glad to be a help aspecially since they were busy and tired from having people over on new years eve.
Carter B.
Posted 1/1/2010 at 4:51:56 PM by [anonymous visitor]
something that i did nice for someone was help them pick up something that they dropped on the ground. It made me feel happy because she had her hands full so I did her a favor. Doing it made me feel really great!
Aleksandra Dunjic
Posted 1/1/2010 at 4:51:16 PM by [anonymous visitor]
A few days ago, I had donated my two old pairs of glasses to a charity who takes glasses and gives them to children who really need them. By doing this I felt great because I can imagine their happy faces when they recieve the glasses. I will try to pass it forward again!
Sara Wadi
Posted 12/31/2009 at 4:50:38 PM by [anonymous visitor]
When my family was gone i cleaned the whole house. And my mom was very proud of me she loved me so hard.
M Blazevic
Posted 12/31/2009 at 4:50:10 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Something nice I did over break was I made a Christmas card to a boy who is ill. I did my very best on it and it turned out perfectly =)
Alex Kavalec
Posted 12/31/2009 at 4:49:26 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Yesterday, I helped my mom cook my dad a special birthday dinner- ribs and brownies
Maire Mahoney
Posted 12/29/2009 at 4:48:57 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today I cleaned my brother's room and he wasn't very excited but my mom sure was. He thought that it didn't really matter but I will pass it on. Last week my other brother was playing with his friends and he was supposed to do the laundry but I did it for him. I will also pass that on!
Clare Kelley
Posted 12/28/2009 at 4:48:09 PM by [anonymous visitor]
One thing that I did to help around the house was that I put away everyones laundry. I did this because my mom was feeling sick and when she told us to put away our laundry everyone forgot to do it. I thought that it might make my mom feel better if I put away the laundry. It made me feel so good what I did that day and when my mom saw what I had done she was really proud of me and really happy. It felt really good when I was done. I think I am going to keep on helping around the house!
Anna B
Posted 12/28/2009 at 4:47:01 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today I took my sister out for lunch. Afterwards I felt very good because I knew that I did something nice. I would love to take my sister out for lunch again when she is home.
Katherine W.
Posted 12/28/2009 at 4:46:29 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Over the holiday,I baked cookies with my mom and granndmother and gave some of the cookies to our neighbors and family.I wouldn't normally do this because I would rather eat all the cookies myself! It made me feel really good and I was having fun too!I will definitely do this again and pass it forward.
Jacob Weston
Posted 12/24/2009 at 4:45:44 PM by [anonymous visitor]
On Christmas eve I baked cookies for my next door neighbor, Ed. It made me feel really good when I took the cookies over to him. Ed is really old, so I think that giving him the cookies, probably made him feel pleased. I also had fun myself, because our family all together baked cookies, but the ones I made were the ones I gave him. Since it made me feel good I'll for sure pass it on!
Wesleigh Stryker
Posted 12/23/2009 at 4:43:35 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today me and my family bought some dog and cat food for the A.P.L since we foster cats and dogs there we drooped off some food and started fostering a little kitten for christmas and for a week. When we drooped off the food it made me feel happy like we saved someone and I would love to pass it down again to give more food
A. Peters
Posted 12/23/2009 at 4:42:24 PM by [anonymous visitor]
I cleaned the house before my relatives came over. My mom had so much to do, so I helped her by cleaning. When my mom saw, she really appreciated what I did. This made me feel so good inside. I will definatly pass it on and do it again.
Ashley George
Posted 12/22/2009 at 4:41:44 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today I helped my younger brother with some of his homework that he had to do over break. My mom wasn't home, but when she came home and told my brother that it was time to do homework she was suprised to hear that I did it with him. My mom was really happy that I did it with him! I usually wouldn't do that because my mom is usually always doing it with him, but today I was bored so I decided to do it with him. I'm going to try to pass it on and do it again because it really made me happy and my mom happy and also my brother happy because he got it all done!
Herbi Rira
Posted 12/20/2009 at 7:55:12 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today i helped my mom by washing the dishes. It was really boring but i know it was worth it because my mom was very proud of me and now im going to help out my mom by doing it more often.
Jovana Demonjic
Posted 12/19/2009 at 7:54:32 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today my mom and I went to buy a few more gifts for the holiday, and when we came home I carried all 17, or so bags from our car to the house. It made me and my mom very happy because I would usually be lazy and say "I'm to tired." I will try to pass it forward because I know how hard my parents work, so it is nice to know I helped them.
L. Anderson
Posted 12/18/2009 at 5:18:56 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Something that I did was clean my sisters room because my mom always tells my sister to clean her room and today when I got home from school, i cleaned her room and it made me feel really happy because when my mom came in to see what i was doing in there,she was so surprised. It made me feel very grateful and delighted that i did that for my mom. i usually dont do that because i never really think of cleaning my sisters room because im usually doing homework or doing somethig else. I wil try to pass it on and when ever my sisters room is dirty, I wil try to clean it up!!!
Madeline McDaniel
Posted 12/17/2009 at 5:17:09 PM by [anonymous visitor]
I helped my mom cleaning the whole house with her. It took a while but it was worth it because i know she liked that.
Sydney Wall
Posted 12/17/2009 at 5:16:35 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today, I gave my teachers and classmates 'Happy Holiday' bags. It made me feel great when they said thank you and it put a smile on their face. I would do this every Chrismas, mabye even every holiday!
Margo Bush:)
Posted 12/17/2009 at 5:15:59 PM by [anonymous visitor]
Today, I helped my mom by riding my bike to the store and buying the things she needed. I felt really good about it because she appriciated it. I'll definately pass it on again!!
Isabella Rizi
Posted 12/17/2009 at 11:53:38 AM by [anonymous visitor]
Today I cleaned the whole house, and because my parents weren't home, when they got back they were very happy.I would not usually do that because I am either doing homework, or playing outside. I will try and pass it on again,(when the house gets dirty again!) I felt very happy about what I did.