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In the spirit of friendship within the musical community, the home team's band serves a snack to the visitor's band during the 3rd quarter of every football game.  Every school has their own way of doing this.  One school might grill hot dogs, another may furnish chips and pop.  Some schools use Booster funding and others rely on parent volunteers.  In Rocky River, snacks are provided by the parents of each and every band member (includes instrumentalists, poms, and flags).  It is a measure of these parent's generosity and pride in their children that Rocky River consistently has the BEST hospitality in the conference! 


When students arrive for their Friday night check-in, they bring their snack to the Hospitality vehicle (it is usually parked outside the music wing doors as you drop off your student).  Set-up volunteers drive the snacks to the field, and set up the hospitality tent and tables.  Halfway through 2nd quarter, the Hospitality volunteers set out the snacks and pour the drinks.  We try to finish by half-time so that the volunteers can watch the show from the sidelines.  After the half-time show is over, the visiting team arrives for a snack and drink.  Once the visiting band has finished, the Rocky River kids help themselves too.  There's always plenty, and our kids have never gone hungry, but the rule of Hospitality is that the visitors eat first, and the more popular items disappear first.  Bear in mind that by the end of half time it has been hours since the band members have eaten. They had little time between the end of the school day and the time they needed to report back to school to get ready for the game. Whatever they grabbed to eat in that time is now a distant memory.  It's safe to describe the students as RAVENOUS, and every one of them will take quite a few different things.  However, the students are very polite, excited, and grateful to receive the bounty of snacks we provide.  It's really heartwarming to hear over and over, "River's the best!".


What we ask is that each member be represented by 6-12 snack portions.  It helps the Hospitality crew if you divide the portions before bringing them, but we do the best that we can with the time and resources available to us.  If we absolutely can't serve something (like a whole cake), we will send the snack to the after-game Band Party.  In fact, that's what we do with ALL the perishable leftovers, so you don't need to worry about anything going to waste.  The non-perishable leftovers are stored until the next game.

  • Favorite Snacks:
  • •Sandwiches (see note below)
  • •Grapes
  • •Apples
  • •Carrots/Celery
  • •Cheese Sticks or Cubes (please pre-cut cheese blocks)
  • •Crackers
  • •Swedish Fish (a marching band signature snack)
  • •Individual Chips & Pretzels
  • •Twinkies
  • •Cookies (favorites are homemade, frosted, and wafer)
  • •Mini-Bagels w/cream cheese or peanut butter
  • •Rice Krispie bars (homemade go like wildfire!)


Do NOT Bring anything with chocolate!  We can't serve it because it stains the uniforms.  We will send anything chocolate to the after-game Band Party after testing it to make sure it's as good as it looks.


For many years Rocky River has provided small sandwiches as part of their hospitality.  During any given 3d quarter, we will go through many dozens of sandwiches.  Usually these sandwiches are made on small rolls with turkey, ham, beef, or chicken, and usually a slice of cheese.  The kids are fine with condiment-free sandwiches, but if you buy a sub and put toppings on it, they will like that also.  If you put condiments on your homemade sandwiches, make sure to let us know so that we can pass along the information (the kids always ask "what kind of sandwich is this?" and it helps if we know).  One suggestion:  do not use regular bread, the kids don't take sandwiches made on bread.  We realize that making sandwiches is expensive and time-consuming.  To spread the burden, we hope that many parents will step up to the challenge by sending several dozen sandwiches at least once during the season. If at least 6 parents send in 3 dozen each, we will be in good shape for that game. Leftovers of all perishables go to the Band Party after the game, but only rarely do we have many left. Almost every Rocky River student takes a sandwich!