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High School Athletics and Activities 
Welcome to the RRHS Athletics and Activities Homepage. Within this webpage you will find information for all of the clubs, activities and sports offered at Rocky River High School. Should you have any questions please contact Atheltic and Activities Director, Mark Wagner.
Athletic and Activities Phone Number: 440-356-6000 ext. 6803
Athletic and Activities Email Address:
Athletic and Activities Twitter Handle: @RRCSActivities
Athletic/Activity Conflict Hierarchy

Students are encouraged to participate in multiple activities of interest to them. At times, however, these activities’ schedules may conflict. At Rocky River, we have the following hierarchy in place for all students participating in athletics and activities:

  • Any OHSAA tournament game/OMEA performance takes precedence over a “regular” season game or concert. For example: OMEA State Contest is takes precedence over the Avon Relays, and basketball playoff game takes precedence over the holiday choir concert.
  • A performance or a game takes precedence over a rehearsal or practice.
  • A performance, game, rehearsal or practice takes precedence over a team dinner or similar social activity.
  • If a conflict arises between a regular season game and a school sponsored concert, the student will be permitted to choose between the two events without penalty.